7 Epic Things to Do in Liberland


Following Liberland’s declaration of sovereignty, Europe’s newest country has encountered overwhelming interest from the public as well as global media.

There is no denying that Liberland is a very real country. But there is so much about it that has yet to be revealed.

Can you imagine the social media buzz and flood of applications that would ensue if the world were to discover, all at once, the magical treasures that Liberland really has to offer? The country’s seven volunteers who are already buried in thousands of citizenship applications would be forced to quit.

Aside from its promise of full personal freedom, volunteer based community services, an economy based on cryptocurrency, and no tax, Liberland is also home to these untold attractions and opportunities:


1. Hang out with Peter Pan


Neverland exists in the tiny Northeastern corner of Liberland, quietly bordering the Danube River. There have been (unconfirmed) reports that Captain Hook has allied himself with a rebel group sponsored by Serbia. As a safety precaution, you should watch out for Tik Tok, and beware of Tinkerbell’s infamous jealousy.


2. Make a pilgrimage to the Fountain of Youth


The highly elusive and much sought-after Fountain of Youth does exist, and it’s been discovered in Liberland.


3. Climb to the top of Mt. Doom


Many, many years ago, Mt. Doom was occupied by orcs. This has caused fear among tourists aspiring to hike to the summit. Contrary to popular belief, the orc race went into extinction after the Ring was destroyed at the Cracks of Doom. This extinction took place due to a mass civil war that broke out between the Uruk and Morannan orc tribes.

Today, Liberland tourists have the chance to follow the “Path of Frodo” to the top of Mt. Doom without having to fear for their safety.


4. Stand in the exact spot where the Princess Ponies battled the lava demons


Did you know that the Volcano of Gloom from Princess Ponies is actually the very same, the one and only, Mt. Doom from Lord of the Rings? Experts suspect that Hasbro renamed the volcano in order to avoid legal action from WingNut Films.

The active volcano, which has been declared a historical landmark, is located in Liberland and remains open to tourists.

Just a slight detour off of the Mt. Doom’s “Path of Frodo” and you can stand in the exact spot where Princess Ponies defeated the lavans in the epic “My Little Pony Battle” of 1987.


5. Visit Liberland’s Bermuda Triangle Portal Museum, featuring everything that has disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle ever 


The USS Cyclops. Flight 19. The SS Marine Sulphur Queen. The Star Ariel. You can find them all at Liberland’s Bermuda Triangle Portal Museum.

Popular scientific theory once suggested that Bermuda Triangle disappearances were caused by the presence of magnetic fields causing electronic failures in passing aircraft and ships. However, it turns out that the Bermuda Triangle is simply a wormhole portal that leads to Liberland.

All lost items remain in one piece at the museum, as well as visual displays detailing the stories of victims who were presumed dead and how they managed to lead happy lives in Europe.


6. Ride a dragon through Liberland’s Forbidden Forest


Sadly, due to the continued presence of rebel groups and Captain Hook as their mercenary, the only way to cross the Liberland’s forbidden forest is by dragon. There are several varieties of dragon available to tourists including the Ukrainian Ironbelly (the largest dragon ever discovered) and the renowned Hungarian Horntail, a species made famous by Harry Potter.

The animal rights lobby in Liberland is highly influential and as such, dragons are highly protected species under the law and all living beings enjoy equal protection.


7. Meet The Power Rangers and tour their official headquarters


Liberland’s promise of limited government and no tax has successfully attracted a volume of investors and other newcomers. The Power Rangers team, led by Red Ranger, has officially announced its relocation to Liberland in order to escape U.S. tax hikes.

Rumor has it that the Ninja Turtles, Beetle Borgs and Superman may be following soon. This is great news for Liberland, as the immigration of these superheroes will likely result in a boom in the economy and reduction of crime. While investors flood in droves to the world’s newest libertarian utopia, tourists can count on a time well spent with plenty of entertainment.


WE SAID THIS: “May the odds be forever in your favor!”

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