19-Year-Old Muslim Woman in Michigan is the Latest Victim of Islamophobia

By Amira Eid

A video that went viral on social media showed a 57 years old American man attacking a 19 years old veiled woman in Dearborn hospital lobby, Michigan. The woman was checking into the hospital when suddenly this man charged at her, luckily, the hospital staff rushed to stop the offender before she was seriously hurt. The police has later made it to the scene and arrested the man.

According to police reports, this man was kicked out of hospital previously on the same day as he was harassing other women in the hospital’s lobby.

The victim has sued the hospital for this accident accusing them that they could have avoided such incident by reporting him to the authorities in the first place; because they didn’t, this misfortunate attack took place.

The victim’s attorney, Majid Moughni, said “We want to hold them accountable for not looking out for the safety of other patients” in order to ensure that the attack which happened to the victim will not be repeated in the future.

This accident is believed to be purely inspired by racism and Islamophobia … We really hope to see the authorities in the states doing their best to put an end to it once and for all!