#InclusionMatters: Here’s How Egypt is Participating in the World Autism Awareness Day

Via Egyptian Autistic Society

Every year on the second of April, the whole world unites for a good cause; raising awareness for Autism. This year marks the 11th “World Autism Awareness Day”, and Egypt is among the countries that actively participate; so expect to see a lot of our important landmarks lit up in blue.

Via oberlin

Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that affects how people perceive the world and interacts with others; thus, it is not an illness or a disease and it cannot be cured. All Autistic people share certain difficulties, but being Autistic will affect them in various ways; such as learning disabilities or mental health issues which means that they need different levels of support.

Last year, the Egyptian Autistic Society lighted up more than 25 Egyptian monuments in blue in support of people with autism around the world. And even more monuments are coming on board this year. The highlight of this year is the Binban Solar Panel Plant in Aswan.

Other important attractions that are participating include Suez Canal authority building, Misr El Kheir head office, 57357 hospital, Ministry of Social Solidarity, Ministry of Education, City Centre (Cairo and Alexandria branches), Alexandria Library, AUC portal, Kasr El Aini, and many schools and universities.

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