14 Presidential Promises to Remember


The campaigning period for Egypt’s upcoming presidential elections is now well underway, with sparkling new, freshly manufactured Hamdeen Sabbahi and Abdel Fattah el-Sisi billboards popping up overnight and stamped with his symbol, a green star – the color of Islam, of military uniforms and of money – EGP 12 million spent on advertising, to be exact.

Doesn’t Sisi look so lonely up there? All by himself… gazing up and out into the distance of the capital’s dusty skyline, with that knowing smile… No, he doesn’t look lonely. He looks Stable, Secure, (pre-) Determined

Last week’s televised interviews with the former Army chief (it was a remarkable lyrical performance on Sisi’s part) and his election rival Hamdeen Sabbahi saw a number of memorable pledges made by the presidential “hopefuls”.

Conveniently, Rais2014.net has been documenting Sabbahi’s and Sisi’s campaign promises pretty much “since they started talking” with the intention to follow up on them later.

In short, for accountability – an ingredient utterly and conspicuously missing from the country’s modern political history.

Will this time around be any different?

Here are 14 presidential promises to remember in 2014:


1. Sabbahi wants to regulate peaceful protests and release political prisoners.

Courtesy of (Rais2014)


2. Sisi wants to keep the protest law in place because those who are against it “seek to destroy Egypt”.

Courtesy of (Rais2014)


3. Sabbahi wants to give the Army more weapons and means but warns that it will lose popular support if it gets involved in politics.

Courtesy of (Rais2014)


4. Sisi says that if he’s elected, then there’s no need for the Army to rule Egypt.

Courtesy of (Rais2014)


5. Sabbahi wants to train policemen to avoid human rights violations.

Courtesy of (Rais2014)


6. Sisi wants to strengthen state institutions to react to human rights violations.

Courtesy of (Rais2014)


7. Sabbahi wants to take a holistic approach to fighting terrorism.

Courtesy of (Rais2014)


8. Sisi wants to eradicate terrorism in the entire region.

Courtesy of (Rais2014)


9. Sabbahi wants to redistribute resources.

Courtesy of (Rais2014)


10. Sisi wants to reclaim four million feddans because science.

Courtesy of (Rais2014)


11. Sabbahi wants to grow Egypt’s middle class.

Courtesy of (Rais2014)


12. Sisi wants to solve Egypt’s power crisis in three to six months by having “the state” buy energy efficient light bulbs and then distribute them door to door.

Courtesy of (Rais2014)


13. Sabbahi wants to convince the angry, revolutionary youth that they live in a just society.

Courtesy of (Rais2014)


14. Sisi wants Egyptians to feel that their quality of life has improved in two years.

Courtesy of (Rais2014)


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