13 Things An Only Child Will Understand

It’s always the same thing; those who have siblings envy those who don’t and the other way around. Being an only child is not very popular in the Arab world, especially in Egypt.

However, it still has it’s perks.



Getting all the gifts from the family


getting all the gifts from the family

Whenever a family members travels abroad, you get showered with expensive gifts that you don’t have to share with anyone.



Dala3 kollo


everyone's fav

You’re everyone’s favorite! That simply means you’re lucky to have all the love in the world.



No competition


idk it's just cute

You don’t get compared to a nerdy brother or sister, instead everyone is thankful for your existence no matter what you do.



You appreciate friends and consider them family


aprreciating frienfds

Growing up without a sibling makes you appreciate your friends so much more. They get to be your non-biological siblings for life.



What’s yours is yours



You don’t have to share anything, starting from a room to a chocolate bar.






Not having a brother or a sister to fight with every day day will keep you sane.



On the other hand, however, sometimes it just simply sucks to be an only child.



Too much attention



During family gatherings (traps), everyone just wants a piece of you.



Lonely childhood


lonely childhood

You don’t have that partner in crime growing up and mostly you just have to be your own company.



Too many expectations




It’s all on you to make your family’s dreams come true. In other words, you will become a doctor, no matter what career you’d like to pursue.





family expectations

Because you are all your parents have in the world, they tend to reach a new level of being ridiculously controlling and possessive.



Having nobody to talk to


nobody to talk to 2

Especially when it comes to family problems, sometimes only a sibling can understand.



You don’t have your better half


not having a better half

A brother means unconditional love, care and jealousy, but most of all protection. A sister is a support system, a trusted advisor, a warm hug and, of course, a shoulder to cry on.



And you will always be missing something



Those who grow up without a sibling often find them in a cousin or a close childhood friend. But if they don’t, they keep looking for those qualities even in a lover or a friend.



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