13 Signs You Should Keep An Eye Out For As An Arab Graduating University

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If you’re in your last year of college and nearing the end of your worst nightmare; aka academic life, then you’ve probably started developing symptoms of what is known as senioritis. If you’re not familiar with that syndrome, it’s the case of decreased motivation towards everything related to your academic life. Graduation year is exactly like getting ready for a zombie apocalypse. One needs to know the signs in order to know how to overcome the situation, or not. Worst case scenario, you’ll need to start asking for people’s prayers. Here are 13 signs you’re graduating so you could get started.

You start a countdown

You start counting the days till you finally leave this zombie land because you can’t take it anymore.

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But you still don’t want this to be over

Life after graduation is scary. Responsibilities, handling your finances like a grown up, no more long vacations, 9-5 desk jobs, routine, you name it! That’s when you start thinking that being a student could actually be better.

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You realize that you don’t have a plan and you start freaking out

Everyone starts asking you about your plans after graduation, and not having one makes you go crazy.

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You can’t remember a single word you learned

Assuming you actually learned anything.

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You barely see your family

They’ll start complaining about how you’re never there and that you’re not living in a hotel.

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And your friends

They never understand the amount of stress and work you have on your shoulders because they think your major is a piece of pie and that you’re probably too spoiled to admit it.

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Speaking of friends, your circle gets smaller

No more large groups. You’ll probably graduate with just one friend or two. As for the rest, you hope you’ll never cross each others’ paths ever again after the big day.

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You lose weight, or put on some

You either burn a lot of calories from exhaustion or eat the pain away and resort to comfort food.

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Graduation becomes an excuse for everything

Why didn’t you come to my birthday? I’m graduating. Where’s your assignment? I’m graduating. Why do you no longer walk your dogs? I’m graduating. Why haven’t you slept for the past 48 hours? I’m graduating. Why did world war II happen? I’m graduating.

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Your brain cells die

Uni becomes nothing but a process of continuous physical and mental abuse to the extent that your brain cells die and you start seeing mushrooms hugging unicorns on the streets.

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You start secretly planning how to kill your professor and make it look like a suicide

Slitting one’s throat is fast and easy, you want him/her to feel the pain they caused you. So you start thinking of more creative ways instead.

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You start consuming something excessively

Be it cigarettes, Red Bull, or coffee, you can no longer function without it.

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You realize that it’s really not worth it

Seriously, it’s all not worth wasting your energy. At the end of the day, you’re only freaking out over a few grades that aren’t really worth anything if you think about it. Relax, you’ll graduate and you’ll be all Elle Woods about it.

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WE SAID THIS: Congratulations in advance! We hope you make it to the list of survivors without any casualties.

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