12-Year Plan to Protect and Revive the Fish Population in the UAE!

Via Abu Dhabi World

The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment and the Environment Agency in Abu Dhabi launched a 12-year plan to protect and revive the fish population!

Via The National

The plan calls for stronger management of commercial and recreational fishing. Moreover, it calls for increased aquaculture research to support fish stock improvement and the installation of artificial reefs that will be marked as protected areas. The road map was announced on the second day of the World Ocean Summit; aiming to rehabilitate marine habitats and fish populations. This is considered the UAE’s first national recovery plan for fisheries and is slated for execution by 2030. The deadline was chosen based on the global average length of time it takes for fish populations to recover.

His Excellency, The UAE Minister of Climate Change and Environment, Dr. Thani Al Zeyoudi, said, “At present, we are facing a two-fold challenge; first, we are working to sustain our fisheries and allow them to replenish. At the same time, we have the responsibility of meeting the growing market demand for fish.”

“The UAE National Framework for Sustainable Fisheries will help us strike a balance between the two priorities. This monumental step for our nation will enable us to preserve our long-standing fishing tradition for years to come. Together with EAD and key government authorities and in consultation with our fishing community, we are confident that this framework will guide us towards a sustainable future for the UAE’s fisheries sector,” he added.

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