11 Types of People You See in Dubai Malls

All of us go to the mall for some reason. We all know that the joy of shopping is truly indescribable. Some of us believe that no matter what your sorrows or burdens are, retail therapy works magic. The colorful clothes, the beautiful jewelry, the pretty shoes, the fancy gadgets — there’s something for everyone to love.

But here comes the daunting part: You run into various types of peculiar people, and some you might even have to interact with.

Here are 11 types of people you’ll see at the mall in Dubai:




1. The Hormonal Teenagers




Teenagers have it rough. School sucks and their parents are assholes. Also, their entertainment options are kind of limited. Legally, they can’t drink, can’t get into any good clubs and have no money. So naturally, they turn to loitering at the mall. They’ll just be sitting around, making lots of unnecessary noise and blathering about no one understanding them and how life is hard because their mama cooked broccoli today. It’s tough!




2. The Complainer




That one gal you overhear saying, “Oh my god, I can’t find anything here! The clothes here are so not me!”




3. The Poor Husband




We’ve all seen this poor guy whose wife probably sent him on a mission to buy her a list of stuff, but he can’t figure out where to find everything. He ends up spending three hours doing a half-hour job. *Sigh*




4. The Window Shopper




There’s no harm in looking. Or so they think. There are some people who will take a stroll at the mall, look at everything and defy their inner temptation to buy — and if they manage to finish the day without buying anything, it’s a success!




5. The Bargain Hunters




SALE SALE SALE! These beings you’ll find lurking around every corner in the mall in search for the best deal and discounts, be it for detergents, groceries, underwear, or shoes.They see a “Sale” sign and just go crazy. They don’t care if they have to wait for over an hour at the checkout counter as long as they get a good deal out of it.




6. The Loud Family




Ah, the breeders. A large family, ready to take on an adventure and go to the mall with their troop that will scream, run around, jump, go trolley-racing, knock stuff off the shelves, beat up each other, shoppers, mall employees and anyone and everyone that gets in their way; basically, do everything physically possible to burn the mall down to the ground. You find the dad spending all his time pretending to look at, well, anything that can give him a plausible reason to ignore his brood and, of course, there will be an over-exhausted mother screaming at the kids in the background. What a fun day!




7. The Selfie-Taker/Snapchatter




They are so busy snapping everything they do, from entering the mall, trying on that dress, eating the sushi roll, burping, farting, vomiting, having diarrhea, getting food poisoning and dying. Everything has to be documented!




8. The PDA Couple




They’re truly, madly and deeply in love, and they want the whole world to know.They simply can’t get enough of each other. Hand-in-hand, gazing in each other’s eyes. These love birds definitely are not too shy to show their affection.




9. The Kiosk Huckster




Every mall now has little kiosks set up in the middle of the walkway filled with everything from books, mobile accessories and jewellery to makeup and perfume. You’ll be greeted with an over-enthusiastic welcome as if you’re royalty and it doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, you’ll be called “Ma’am Sir”. They will try to sell you the air, if they could. The key is to avoid eye contact at all costs and hope that they snare another, slower prey before they latch onto you and drag you down into their annoying little corner of hell.




10. The Judgmental Sales Associate




“Oh! You want to wear those, with that?” These people I would personally punch right in the face! With no mercy!




11. The Pissed-Off Customer




We all know the rules. You need to have the receipt to return an item. But you find this customer who has his own rule (“There are no rules!”) and getting antsy (“What do you mean I can’t return it?”). Well, dude, you need an education on return and exchange policies.




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