11 Reasons Why Amina Khalil Is Just the Absolute Best


Everyone knows part-time actress, full-time goddess Amina Khalil. The Egyptian beauty has left her mark across Egypt and beyond, plastered on billboards, filling magazines and dominating our social media timelines. To celebrate her birthday, which happens to be today, we’ve decided to compile a list of our favorite things about her.



She likes food, Nutella to be specific — just like all of us




Did we mention that she likes food?




She never plays the same role — from a classy lady in Grand Hotel to a pious Muslim in Sheikh Jackson, she’s the Jane of all trades




She can also sing, further proving that there is nothing she can’t do




She’s a big believer in duck faces




And frankly, it’s super cute




She is the epitome of being fierce




She appreciates people and doesn’t take them for granted (read her caption below)




She loves animals




She supports local brands




Basically, she’s the best person ever (again, read her inspiring caption below)


Have a beautiful afternoon ??? from my happy place, i send this message to the world: be kind. To elders, to youngsters, to family and friends. To animals, to our planet, to humanity. And most importantly be kind to yourself. Buy yourself a gift every once in a while ! Even if its small. You deserve to feel love. Be kind and respectful to your body (afterall, thats where you live and thats all u got!) remember to drink lots of water. (Seriously) and be kind to your emotions and your soul. Surround yourself with those who love you and dont ever allow anyone to disrespect you. Theres no such thing as man and woman when it comes to respect. Everyone and everything deserves to be treated with respect. Be around people who make you happy. And moreover- teach yourself that kindness comes from within. You cant pretend. Be genuine, be loyal, be humble, and spread love everyday ! #onelove #bekind #octoberthoughts @kiteloop_egypt

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WE SAID THIS: Happy 29th birthday, Khalil.

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