#100DaysofMyDubai – Day Five: Wake Boarding At 7am Because Why Not?

Guss, President of SeaWake Dubai

Getting out of your comfort zone is easier said than done, and I don’t think I fully comprehended the amount of effort I need to put in in order to actually achieve something on this journey of discoveries, until today.

There are three things you will instantly realize when you get to know me:

1. The advertising field was tailored specifically for me. I will never, ever, wake up before 10:00 am, even if life depends on it.

2. If I’m not in control, then I’m not doing it.

3. Sports activities are a priority, you must include me in your plans and I’m definitely joining – on the side, with my phone, taking pictures of you. Other than that, I’m out.

So for Day 5, I decided to throw this list away.




I started the research and I decided that if I was going to wake surfing board, it had to be instant and in the spur of the moment so that I don’t take back my decision. I e-mailed a couple of wake boarding companies and out of the replies I received, this one really got to me:




Meet Ghassan Saade, or “Guss”, President of SeaWake Leisure and Water Sports. We spoke over the phone after his email and he explained how he checked out the column and was very happy to be part of it, as he really respects initiatives like this.

Wonderful man!

I booked an early session, as per his recommendation, for 7:00 a.m. at Dubai International Marine Club. I explained that I have never done this before and that I will be requiring extra attention – I had “Fragile, Please Handle with Care” written all over my voice.

Guss was very reassuring, but still I needed someone with me, so I asked @TheAdly to come along. His energy is contagious, he really is up for new experiences and he’s been completely supportive about this whole thing. My comfort zone.

Luckily, Adly was in and Guss managed a quick turnaround to include him in the session. All was set for tomorrow.




I picked up Adly half asleep and arrived at DIMC on time to find Guss there waiting for us. We arrived at the boat, me with my perfect hair and Adly with his perfect coffee.

The moment we started moving, our adrenaline quick fix made its comeback.


@Cairue and @TheAdly with SeaWake Dubai
@Cairue and @TheAdly with SeaWake Dubai


Guss started with a 20-minute on land training session, explaining the do’s and don’t’s, the different positions and the insights on mastering how to get up on the board. Once we were ready for the boat to move, we needed to shout out, “Hit it!”

I went first and got into the water, which was really refreshing, my heart beat increasing dramatically. Guss totally read my state of mind and started going through the key points again, with his body language and facial expressions transmitting confidence signals to me saying it’s a piece of cake and that I’m going to be fine.

Knees bent up, joints relaxed, hands gripped on the handle… Deep breathe and HIT IT.

As the boat moved and the handle pulled me forward, I stood up… and, obviously, fell.

“Rula, let the boat move you, let it roll you forward. You need to take your time to stand, the slower you move, the more your body will find a comfortable balance,” said Guss.

Okay, I got this. I really got this. HIT IT.

Boat moves, handle pulls me forward, my vision fades into darkness forgetting what I practiced, I stand too quickly. And fall.

Third time is a charm. With Guss completely patient and Adly with his “Honey, it’s okay” look on his face, I was ready to take the plunge again.


…And off I fall.

The frustration starts building, the saltwater burns my throat – it’s not cool, I want to get out. I’m done. It’s not questionable, don’t tell me to stay. I want out.

“Rula, you’re doing everything right but you’re too excited. Let the boat roll you in. Let it control you, leave yourself to it,” Guss said.

Ahhh, control.

Fine! HIT IT. I close my eyes and the boat’s speed starts to increase. I stand up to, once again, fall.

That’s it. Get me out.

I’m about to start tearing, I feel defeated, I’m thinking of just ending this whole thing and apologizing to the Scoop Team. I want to go back home to my Candy Crush and Red Bull.

“One more time, Rula, trust me. If you come up now, you will never do this again.”

Contemplating… Embarrassed… Upset. I decided to do it one last time to get it off my back.


This time, I completely give up control to the boat’s movement. I start slowly rising with my arms outstretched, and I’m up! I made it! I’m on the board. It’s rejuvenating. I’m on top of the world.

@TheAdly wakeboarding
@TheAdly wakeboarding

Mesmerized by the experience, I forgot to do the side position, so… I fall.

A couple of more trials and I successfully wake board for 15 seconds. Hallelujah. That’s a wrap guys. That’s my 15 seconds off fame. Adly, your turn.

Gladly, he made it.

We spent another 30 minutes with Guss. He wake boarded and then wake surfed and it was fabulous seeing him do it – I want to be that.


Guss, President of SeaWake Dubai
Guss, President of SeaWake Dubai


The session ended at around 9:00 am and even though I didn’t actually wake board, being pulled out onto the water is enough to fuel my addiction on its own. I’m now signed up for a weekly training with Guss, full of persistence and confidence. Wake boarding will be “my thing”.

It was time to either go back home and sleep before work or actually experience the morning life. Adly and I decided to go for the latter and went to Eggspectation @JBR for breakfast.

What a morning.




“Long-term consistency trumps short term intensity” – Bruce Lee.

*To T, thank you for teaching me what it’s all about…


For more info on Wake Boarding, Wake Surfing, Charter Fishing, Sightseeing, Fun Rides, Scuba Diving and Yacht Escorts visit: http://seawake.ae/ or facebook.com/seawake or contact Guss at guss@seawake.ae.



Tips & Tricks:


1. Quit smoking.

2. Do it at sunrise – it’s the perfect landscape and the perfect water level.

3. Bring water bottles on board. You will definitely need those.

4. Give yourself in and enjoy it…


WE SAID THIS: So proud of you, Rula! Can’t wait to see what you do next.