#100DaysofMyDubai – Day 13: Mastering the Art of Letting Go @TouchofClay with Mubarraka Nandi


I look forward to it every Saturday. I crave it actually.
As with it any weekly build up of negative energy completely disappears.

It’s become my first long term commitment in #100Days; and here’s why I’m not intending on giving it up.



Produce it, use it and learn from it



One of things that residents in Dubai have versus other cities; is the availability of various activities; probably due to its cosmopolitan nature and the fact that you have the luxury of time to invest in yourself.

On my bucket list was pottery making; and so I started a quest to know the best option and this is how I came across @TouchOfClay.

I emailed Mubarraka Nandi, owner of Touch Of Clay and its tutor, met her and signed up for a session. And no matter the quality & quantity of words I use to describe this woman – no term has been created yet that does her justice. Impeccable.

During our first encounter she told me about her story, her own experience and why she felt very strongly about pottery. The one thing she said that day that got me hooked was “Working with clay makes you appreciate what it means to let go and keep going.”

And so I started the classes; and after the first one I decided to attend weekly classes for a month. You mold and you shape, artist or no artist… and unless you spend hours and hours ensuring the symmetrical construction of the work you are creating, you will have to appreciate the beauty of its imperfections: another thing I acquired through Mubarakka & her Touch of Clay.


“You do it over and over, yet each time is a little different and you will learn to appreciate the uniqueness of the shape you create”. Mubarakka Nandi.



Mold and shape

Mubarraka’s teaching approach is truly built upon the concept of “show me, don’t tell me”.



You are left to create in peace with Mubarraka slightly adjusting any errors in your creation through your own hands. There is reptition & rythym in every stage starting from working with wet clay to using sand paper to spread eveness across your work, up until painting over it and placing it in the kiln for the finished product.

There is also a degree of commitment in its learning; commitment to focus and be attentive to every detail. You are solely dependant on the touch of your hand on the clay to beautify or change any of it.

You can not backspace, undo or delete; you must constantly ‘optimize’ as you go along, letting go of the initial shape you had in mind and falling in love with your finished final product.



From garage to in vogue


“Just like Steve Jobs; my business started at my home garage” Mubarraka explains laughing.
“Just like Steve Jobs; my business started at my home garage” Mubarraka explains laughing.


Touch of Clay, is Dubai’s growing trend – gaining popularity day by day, especially in the upcoming season of the beautiful outdoors weather. You can find her workshops in two of Dubai’s most beautiful venues: The Farm and The Archive.

Yet, I choose the garage. Its therapeutic, grounding and does not judge.



Why I highly recommend it for you


 Nope, not this reason.
Nope, not this reason.

Although, it’s a  great movie scene, I don’t believe it’s a realistic promise that you can end up looking like this when you are crafting your own pot.

However, workshops are offered for couples and you have the choice to book a private session as well. During one of my sessions, I met a couple that was working on their Villa Sign and there was something in the quietness of the craft that reconnects you in the making. I highly recommend it to all my friends, dating or married.

Of course, workshops are offered for children as well.

“Il faut se prêter aux autres et se donner à soi-même”
Michael De Montaige.

*To Mubarakka Mandi; you make a better person out of the people you teach. I am grateful to have met you, and had the honor of having you in my life!



Tips & Tricks:


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