10 Things Only Hash Heads Will Understand


Whether it’s smoking etiquette or smoking slang, there are things in smoking culture that you’ll only understand if you’re a hash head.

Here are 10:


1. That moment when you have everything ready to roll – the tobacco prepped, the cartela made – and then you realize you’re out of bafra



2. The first spliff of the day, estba7a – the longer you wait, the more satisfying it is

Girl smoking a joint


3. Hashingo (hash + bango), the best of both worlds



4. Smoking with foreigners can be confusing because here, we pass to the right, but in other countries, it’s to the left

Sabah el fol


5. You could’ve saved the world, or yourself – all those mind-blowing, enlightening life realizations you make and brilliant ideas you get when you’re high… and then forget five seconds later

Wait, what?


6. When your dealer’s phone is off



7. You’ve been paid in or paid someone with hash before – in your opinion, a completely legitimate form of currency



8. Some of your funniest stories begin with, “So I was high and we got to a checkpoint…”



9. All your special hiding places – in your room, in your car, on your body…



10. That friend who never rolls, that friend who never passes, that friend who always has stuff, that friend who’s obsessed with rolling the perfect joint, that friend who comes to visit from abroad and spends the entire time smoking as much as humanly possible, that friend who “quit”, that friend who won’t shut up when he’s high, that friend who…


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