10 Summer Jobs that Aren’t Cool in the Middle East

Having been raised in the UK, summer jobs were essential. It was our chance to make some extra cash and get exposed to the real world. It didn’t matter what your background was, no job was too low for you.

Being exposed to these jobs taught us many lessons and attributes such as respect and understanding. It’s one of the strongest experiences that shape your character and make you ready to face the world with a different perspective.

Yes, some of the jobs were extremely hectic and I’d never want to do again, but seeing the look on people’s face when I say I’ve worked as a waitress is pretty amusing to say the least!

In the Middle East, summer jobs probably mean some kind of internship that has to do with your career, or if you’re at a younger age the furthest you’ll get is doing chores for your family (like The Joker says, if you’re good at something, never do it for free!).

It’s a shame that Middle Eastern kids don’t get a chance to experience these jobs, as the memories and lessons learnt are truly one of a kind. That we look upon them here as jobs from lower standards or too embarrassing is quite a shame.

Here are a list of summer jobs that your friends (not to mention your parents) will drop dead if done anywhere in the Middle East:


1. Babysitter/Nanny

A job that most teens go through in the West. Your would be amazed the kind of money you can make for watching a kid while his parents get one night of freedom!



2. Waiter/Waitress




3. Gardener/Mowing lawns

Everyone loves to watch the hot gardener next door. Not sure how our Arabs would look with their ripped jeans and sweaty abs, but hey, great way to meet the ladies.

Lawnmower-Kid (1)


4. Lifeguard

The DREAM!!! Being a lifeguard means a lot of time on the beach. Now, although it’s a job that requires a lot more effort than looking good on the beach, it’s a great way to stay in shape whilst meeting people all summer long.



5. Retail Sales

Hectic as it may be, it’s a great way to learn client services and build your patience for what’s to come out there. A job with incentives and a lot of freebies. Here’s to smelling good all summer!

Sephora Soho Store Re-Opening


6.Golf Caddy

Attitude and being bossed around may be a big part of this job, but it’s great for an aspiring golfer and gives you huge insight into the business world, listening to all the happenings from the big boys on the greens. You’ll probably appreciate things like Ace Golf Netting – Driving Range Netting by the end of the summer as well because high-quality netting like that will make your job a whole lot easier.

golf caddy


7. Delivery Guy

Also a tips-based job, I must admit it may not be the highlight of your summer, but a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.



8. Car washer

No, we don’t mean car washers in bikinis who you see in American movies. Believe it or not, people are fully clothed whilst preforming this job.

car20wash_l (1)


9. Walking Dogs

Yes, it’s exactly what it looks like. Funny enough, we have actually heard a couple stories of young teens performing this job here locally. It pays well and hey, it’s only an hour or two of your day!



10. Supermarket Cashier

Also a quick fix for the summer. You will learn about inventory, monitoring and how a cashier system works, which is great for anyone looking to open a store later on in their lives.



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