10 Reasons Why The World Needs Libras

“Many modern astrologers regard Libra as the most desirable of zodiacal types because it represents the zenith of the year, the high point of the seasons, when the harvest of all the hard work of the spring is reaped.” Hey, these aren’t my words, they are a horoscope expert’s (or something like that).

The point is, even though there’s good and bad in every sign, Libra is simply the best. I take a fierce, ridiculously unreasonable pride in being a Libra and I possess every trait any astrology website would claim a Libra possesses, the good and the bad.

I think all of us are downright awesome, and here’s why:



1. Balance is key


It’s no wonder that our sign is represented by the scales. We live for balance and our sole purpose in life is to maintain it. We try to find balance between our personal and professional lives, between self-indulgence and restraint, between spirit and material, and between any other contradicting aspects in our lives.



2. We come in peace



Nothing moves or motivates a Libra more than attempts for peace, whether it’s between two people or two nations. We basically hate anything that disrupts harmony and peace, whether it concerns us or anyone else in the world. That’s why we hate getting into fights and usually end up telling the other person whatever they want to hear just to avoid conflict.



3. We’re the life of the party!



That’s because we love hanging out with anyone (nevermind my list of people who I think should go to hell, both parts of them)! Not only do we like to laugh and have a good time regardless of how perfect or messed up our lives are at the moment, we always take the initiative to do so.

And because we’re always up for anything, as mentioned above, you know you would miss a lot of crazy shenanigans if we weren’t present!



4. Justice is served. By US!



Nothing upsets a Libra more than witnessing injustice. It disorients us so much that we could obsess about a wrongdoing for days and days. So whenever we are asked to judge between two sides of an argument, we always side with, and nothing but, the truth while trying to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.



5. We charm our way into anything



We’re charming, and we’re not ashamed to use our charm to get away with things. We never do it in a way that could harm others, though. But when a certain deadline needs to be pushed, for example, a little charm won’t kill anyone. And it almost always woks.



6. We are great diplomats



We can argue back and forth for months until we make our point without ever resorting to violence or aggression at any point, neither verbally nor physically. We can basically argue for a living. You may never get a straight answer or claim from us, but we only do it to keep everyone happy (even though we do realize it’s impossible).



7. In times of distress, we become the eye of the storm



We’re a laid-back bunch and we get a lot of heat for this one. Nothing is the end of the world to us. If a project’s deadline is in an hour, we don’t freak out. We take it easy and submit whatever we manage to finish before the deadline. If we get lost while driving, we never cry in despair. We just lay out our options, try them all out and find ways to actually enjoy being lost instead of fighting it.



8. We are flexible and easy-going



We don’t mind hanging out anywhere as long as we’re with the people we love. We don’t mind living anywhere as long as we can make a home out of it. We don’t mind jumping head first into the unknown if that tickles our fancy. Basically, we will do anything and everything if it makes sense to us (and we always find a way to make do).

This attitude of ours make us adapt to any change quickly. Whether it’s a new job, new city or new stage of life, no one will cope with what life throws at them better than a Libra. We never fight change and embrace it instead.



9. We are natural problem solvers



Give us a problem and we’ll solve it! We like taking on challenges, breaking problems down and coming up with a solution quickly. Not just any solution, though. We want one that will satisfy all parties involved in the problem, and we don’t even account for the impossibility of this.

And we don’t stop here. If we come up with a solution that we deem worthy, we’ll spend the rest of our life trying to find a shortcut to that solution. We just like doing things with minimal effort and fuss.



10. We like the finer things in life



Good food, good company, good music and genuine beauty is what life is all about when it comes to a Libra. We know pleasure and we can find in things as simple as a bowl of pasta. We appreciate the tiniest gestures of kindness and we are able to find beauty in almost anything or any mundane event in our day.



WE SAID THIS: Happy Birthday, Libras!

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