10 Reasons To Walk Cairo


What is this?! If you don’t know: This is the latest version of “Why Everyday Beauty Goes Unnoticed”. This is Cairo; without prejudice, there are actually nice places without crazy traffic in the city. But you need to discover them.

In my opinion, the city belongs to us – humans – NOT to our cars. As a start to walking more, you can set no-car zones; for example, a circle of one-mile radius around your home or work, and you walk to any destination within this zone. There will be times you need to drive a car or take a taxi, but the good habit of walking can become your preferable mode of transportation.

So here we go with reasons to walk Cairo:



1. No rush!



In Cairo, where almost everyone underestimates driving time, thinking a 20-minute destination will take just a few minutes to reach, you must have heard (and said) this a million times: “I’ll be there within five minutes!”

The problem is that unexpected traffic jams create this lag. While walking, you can estimate your commuting time more accurately. Sometimes, you will definitely even be quicker than cars.



2. No sayes



The guy who tells you “3agalaa yemeen”, “3agalaa shemaal”, “baaaaas!”, pretending that he’s helping you to park, then immediately asks you for change when you get out of your car. And you say, “OK, when I come back… wana rage3!” Well, the good news is that if you walk, you don’t have to pay for this “valet service”.



3. Lose weight without a diet



Walking one mile a day burns 100 calories. This means you can get a better body or achieve your weight loss target easily without that eat-salad-every-day lifestyle.



4. Walking is FREE



Cairo citizens, or people everywhere actually, get great pleasure when they get something for free. When you walk, you save money on petrol and car maintenance; moreover, you are technically saving the planet. But the feeling that you are getting to your destination for free itself is fantastic. You don’t have to pay anymore… oh yea!



5. For couples



They say that hand-in-hand and side-by-side makes a happy couple forever. This clearly couldn’t happen in your car because she would be texting and he would be having endless arguments with those jerks on the road, particularly microbus drivers or “serfeees” drivers. FYI: It’s always other people’s mistake, not theirs!



6. Talking to people



You’ll get a nice chance to say “Salamu Alikom” and “Good Morning” to people you pass by, you’ll make their day with your smile and your fellow walkers will do the same for you. Isn’t that nice for a change? Starting your day giving smiles to others and getting smiles back, talking with neighbors instead of car horns…



7. Chocolate lovers will relate



A walk is the best time to treat yourself to a tasty chocolate or your favorite snack while contemplating this world.



8. Humming time



Walking and humming makes you feel on the top of the world. If you were depressed, the feeling has gone! Our stresses fall with the footsteps we take and the notes we sing.



9. Places off the beaten path



In a city like Cairo, there are hidden gems close to your neighborhood or even places you visit frequently that you have never noticed because the car always determined your route. Give yourself the chance to see those places, get to know more street names and enjoy your city in a new way.



10. Because walking is sexy!



What I mean is that walking will make you feel and, thus, look good. And you’ll feel thankful and blessed just for having the ability to walk!



The walking habit can make a great difference in your life. I have enjoyed a walking lifestyle for a few months now. There are many times you will need a car or the metro to reach your destination, but I guarantee you’ll feel great when you walk, or even cycle, more!



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