10 Reasons to Date an Artist

When dating becomes a routine, it gets quite boring. However, there are certain types of people who you just know will keep you on your toes all the time! Never knowing what to expect and always experiencing new stuff makes being around these people a whole lot of fun.

That mystery and anticipation about finding out what happens next is just one of the few things you’ll feel when being around a creative person.

So if you’re ready to take a stroll down an adventurous lane and have the best time of your life, get yourselves an artist! Here are just a few reasons why artists make the most incredible partners:



They’re passionate



A relationship without passion is bound to be doomed. But being with an artist means you’ll be on a roller coaster ride filled with passion (maybe even a little too much!).

As long as you’re with an artist, you’ll never again have to worry about a relationship that lacks passion, brightness or love. Artists are brimming with these awesome traits and always feel the need to express their emotions.



They see beauty in the darkest of situations



Artists have an eye for detail, so leave it to them to see the simple beauty in every day life and even be able to turn an ugly situation into something beautiful. Whatever the artist sees becomes a part of them somehow and is transformed into a spectacular masterpiece.

Being with an artist will make you appreciate beauty too, or at least their miraculous talents of transforming things into artwork.



 They’re creative



They’re creativity will be evident in every little thing they do. Leave it to an artist to be spontaneous, creative and tons of fun! Don’t worry about feeling blue either, an artist will go out of their way to come up with different ways to make you feel better (or make your life hell – creativity does work both ways :D).



They love challenges


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Being an artist is a challenge in itself, so any other obstacle thrown their way is just a walk in the park. Having a job that requires constant creativity and problem solving, daily life challenges become not just a necessity, but things they look for to keep them going.

If an artist wants something done, they’re not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty, rather than having to depend on someone else to get the job done.



 They give the best gifts



What good is it to be creative, if you can’t use it to your advantage? They’ll put the time, effort, creativity and whole heart into surprising you with the most extraordinary gifts!

Their personalized, sentimental and thoughtful gifts will leave you stunned. When an artist is around, expect to be pampered at all time.



You’ll  experience a different world



Whether it’s going to galleries, shows or artistic expeditions, being with an artist is a true adventure! They’ll take you to places you’ve never been before and try to include you in their exciting, passionate lives. You’ll discover a more entertaining, lively and beautiful world just by being around an artist, which will leave you with a yearning to see more!



They always have the best stories to tell



From annoying clients, to what they see in every art piece, or even just who showed up to the latest gallery, artists always have the greatest, funniest, not to mention weirdest stories to tell. There isn’t a dull moment that goes by when being with an artist.



They interpret things differently



Being an artist means that they not only see the world differently, but have a need to express that point of view, too. They’re intellectual, smart and will always put a different opinion on the table that will definitely stimulate an interesting discussion.



You’ll be reflected in their work



Always looking for a source of inspiration, the way you make them feel or the way they see the world when you’re around will be reflected in their work. It’s in your hands to choose how you want to be reflected because everyone will know you are the source of inspiration.



Once you get to know them, they’re simple, easy and love to have a good time



When it comes to an artist, it’s all about the little things! A simple compliment or the smallest of gestures could leave them glowing for the rest of the day. Their passion and love of life are contagious, so don’t be surprised when you’ve caught that bug!



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