10 Fitness Accounts From the Middle East That Will Motivate You to Live Healthy

Now that 2016 is finally here, you can all start fulfilling your New Year’s resolutions by adopting a healthier and happier lifestyle! The only way to actually transform your body and live healthy is to stay motivated and what better way to keep that motivation than the with the top 10 Arab fitness accounts on Instagram.

These accounts will definitely have you rethinking your entire way of life and will help you reach your fitness goals. If these accounts don’t encourage you to put down your chocolate bars and set aside your fries, then I don’t know what will!



Maha — Lebanon


Aiming to share her success and spreading awareness about how to live a healthy and active yet adventurous life, Maha continues to influence a huge number of followers by the day. The Lebanese fitness beauty is known by her Insta-identity @lifeofafirecracker and sharesdiverse posts, from training to dancing, that are admired by the masses!



Salma Magdy — Egypt


Trying to spread her belief that looking like Wonder Woman beats looking like a Barbie, Salma Magdy is keen on motivating girls to live a healthier life and work out. She spreads a strong message, telling girls not to worry about looking masculine, because working out makes you all that more feminine and beautiful! All Salma Magdy wants you to do right now is eat healthy, stay motivated and train like an Egyptian!



Ahmed Kamal — Egypt


This Instagram account is a goldmine for all you fitness fanatics! With countless pictures of eye-catching muscular physique, Ahmed Kamal is certainly blessed with the willpower that all of us wish to someday have. There’s no better way to stay motivated than by seeing all the possible results you could reach if you only work harder.



Tarryn Hoffman — UAE


Looking for motivation to live healthier? This is one account to follow for guidance and endless encouragement to get up and live better NOW! Tarryn Hoffman is an Abu Dhabi-based fitness enthusiast who posts pictures and videos that will give you a kickstart to the life you always wanted to live. From nutrition facts to workout tips, this account will definitely motivate you to adopt a healthier lifestyle.



Be Fit — Egypt


In the midst of a hard working performance, remember that pain is only temporary.

A photo posted by BeFit Egypt (@befitegypt) on

Founded by Aly Mazhar, BeFit continues to carry out successful body transformations in Egypt through healthy diets and rigorous workout plans. Their Instagram page is also an encyclopedia of motivational quotes along with workout and nutritional tips. For those of you who are willing to work hard and make real change, BeFit is definitely the account for you!



Omar Al Duri — UAE


A photo posted by Omar Al Duri (@omaralduri) on

This award-winning personal trainer, fitness writer and nutritionist is a half Iraqi-half Saudi fitness addict who aims to spread his secrets to success to everyone who follows his page. He also coached the Ghana Under 20 football team and he’s here to help all of you live a life bursting with success.



Jessica Olie — UAE


Dubai-based Jessica Olie’s love of yoga is not only breathtaking to see on Instagram, but also an extreme source of motivation to live healthier. With her awe-inspiring physique, Jessica Olie is an inspiration to all the ladies living in the Middle Eastern who are hoping to turn their lives around.



Anita Joubert — UAE


Anita Joubert is an award-winning trainer and a fitness model based in Dubai. She focuses on the importance of eating healthy and exercising by providing how-to tips. She is also considered one of the Middle East’s top fitness experts and therefore is a reliable source for fitness and health tips.



Egypt’s Fitness Society — Egypt


Building the next fit generation! #StrongerThanMyMommy @norshek

A photo posted by Egypt's Fitness Society (@egyfitsociety) on

This is a fitness page that caters specifically to the fitness needs of Egyptians. This page motivates its followers by posting before and after pictures of those who underwent serious body transformations and successfully embraced their healthy lives. Work hard, people, you might just end up being one of this page’s sources for motivation!



The Fitness Grind — Egypt


A dream no one can see but YOU! (Source: pinterest.com)

A photo posted by The Fitness Grind, Egypt – TFG (@thefitnessgrind.eg) on

The fitness grind is an Egypt-based fitness community founded by Muhammed Sherif that offers customized nutrition and workout plans. Their Instagram page has garnered an impressive number of followers in a very short time, proving their competency in providing people with beneficial nutritional and workout tips.



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