Video: Family and Lawyer of Mariam Mustafa, UK’s Race Victim, are Receiving Death Threats

It’s been quite some time since we last heard any updates regarding Mariam’s case. Well in case you’ve been living under a rock; Mariam Mustafa is the girl who was beaten to death by a gang of English women in Nottingham, U.K.

Recently, and according to Sada Elbalad Television show, Mariam’s Lawyer, Emad Abu Hussein, has been receving death threats in his own house’s mailbox over his client’s case.

The letter says:

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Here’s the full video:

Earlier this month Mariam’s mother; Nesrine Abou El Enein, stated that the British Authorities still haven’t allowed her to take Mariam’s body to bury her in their homeland. In her statement made on Basma Wahba’s TV show, Hona Al Qahira, she claimed that she believes that the British authorities are trying to pressure her to drop charges. They left her with only three options all worse and more brutal than one another. It’s either she drops charges, or receive her daughter’s body without any organs. The third option was to wait for two or three months.

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During the interview, Abou El Enein also mentioned that the forensics department has already removed Mariam’s heart, lungs, and brain for the autopsy to take place. “Her father and I do not sleep,” Abou El Enein said. “All I ask for is my daughter to be buried in Egypt and that her soul would finally rest in peace, so we could finally sleep,” she added.

WE SAID THIS: We’ll keep you posted as soon as any more information is shared. Meanwhile, you can check the past events here for a recap on what you might have missed.