This Is How Wuzzuf Is Aiming to Unlock the Future of Recruitment for 1 Million Egyptian Job Seekers by 2020


Egypt’s number one recruitment platform, WUZZUF, recently gathered the country’s top employers and recruitment experts under one roof. The company revealed its intentions to launch a brand new platform at their one of a kind event, WUZZUF Unlock’18. The revamped website with upgraded features is the company’s attempt to achieve their current goal, which is to provide jobs for one million Egyptians by 2020.

WUZZUF Unlock’18 started off as Ameer Sherif, the company’s CEO, made a speech where he unveiled the big news. He then added, “The end goal isn’t to be only the number one recruitment platform in Egypt, but to be the ultimate career destination for professionals and the key-partner in every hiring manager’s success in Egypt”.

Several speeches followed Sherif’s, all by great minds behind the revolutionary upgrade. They all discussed the new features added such as the website’s enhanced user interface. It’s designed to make it easier for employers to find the right candidates and for professionals to find the jobs they’re seeking. 


“The invite-to-apply feature will now enable employers to save time and money by having the ability to invite candidates to apply for a specific job. In addition, the new flexible shortlisting funnels will give more control to the employer, and decrease the time spent on screening and filtering,” Abdelwahab, Product Manager at WUZZUF stated in his talk. Islam Ameen, Product Manager, talked about the new WUZZUF AI that will help recruiters create better job posts faster and easier. He also stressed the importance of the posts’ quality. He stated that it doesn’t just help in attracting more applicants, but also better ones.

The list of new and upgraded features announced at WUZZUF Unlock’18 involves a new professional interface. The infinite stream of jobs and career opportunities tailored to the professionals’ career interest, also the Saved tab that professionals can save the jobs they’re interested in the most then they can track their job application in the “Applications” tab.


In addition to the Explore dashboard, profiles were completely redesigned so they could be used as online resumes. However, there’s a privacy option that allows users to either make their profiles public, closed to WUZZUF, or even private. Thanks to the new design and structure, professionals’ skills and core competencies will be highlighted. This will allow recruiters to spot the right talents immediately.

After endless research and users’ feedback, WUZZUF redesigned the inbox page turning it into every employer’s new favorite page. Now employers can filter and screen applications in no time. Plus, they can adjust and personalize recruitment stages with the help of the new customizable system.

One more genius new feature is the employer’s new dashboard that will soon be launched. The dashboard includes an AI-powered assistant that will help employers make better decisions throughout the hiring process. With the help of advanced algorithms, the AI-assistant will recommend relevant candidates from the website’s database. It will notify recruiters with those candidates in an attempt to guide recruiters through the screening process. WUZZUF’s recent announcement of securing the largest funding round by European VCs is the catalyst behind this launch. The company has just closed a Series B of $6 million from EBRD, Sweden-based Vostok New Ventures, Endure Capital, and Kingsway Capital. Not to mention the previous investment from UK based Piton capital 500 Startups and Endure Capital. This is considered the largest fundraising round in for an Egyptian start-up for a long time.

WE SAID THIS: Regarding the employers’ side of the new features, it’s not live yet. It’s expected to be introduced later this year. However, the professionals’ side is up and running at the moment. Hats off, WUZZUF!