Citybeats Music Festival: The First Arabic Music Festival in Paris Is Set To Take Place This July!

By Febronia Hanna

Featuring three Arab music stars: Ghalia BinAli, Maryam Saleh, and El Farei, CMF, The Citybeats Music Festival will be the first Arab music festival in Paris, starting 4th of June.

The festival aims to introduce Arabic music to the European audience and the three musicians have already established their names in the European musical field due to their continuous touring.

Each of these singers has his own identity as Ghalia is an icon of traditional music like the songs that were performed by Umm Kulthum, Saber is very influenced by the style of ElSheikh Imam with a rebel’s attitude and identity, and Elfarei is a Palestinian-Jordanian singer and songwriter.

WE SAID THIS: Enjoy, Europe!