People in the Netherlands Honor Palestinian Activist Ahed Tamimi in the Most Significant Way

Ahed Tamimi Street; no it’s not in Palestine, it’s in the Netherlands. With a matter of fact, this is the name of not one, not two, but more than 10 street signs in the Netherlands. Dutch activists honor the Palestinian 17-year-old by renaming streets in 13 cities across the country. Those include  Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Groningen, Leeuwarden, Grijpskerk, Assen, Leiden, Heemstede, Tilburg, Vlaardingen, Maarssen, and Nijmegen.

Via IMEMC News

The reason behind the bold move was that the activists wanted to highlight the Ofer military court’s decision, taken on 21st of March, to sentence Tamimi in an Israeli prison for eight months. Advocacy organizations, MovementX and DocP, said that they were responsible for that. They didn’t just want to show solidarity for Tamimi, but also to raise awareness to the case. Tamimi’s resemblance to Dutch activist, Hannie Schaft, helped her name earn a spot right next to hers in Hannie Schaftstraat in Leiden.

Via IMEMC News

After being detained by Israeli soldiers back when she was 16, her case garnered a massive attention worldwide. She was seized after confronting and slapping an Israeli soldier in public. The whole family residing in a Palestinian village, Nabi Saleh, are leaders in the native anti-colonial resistance.

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