This Beauty Product Can Be a Life Savior in 8 Different Ways

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Each and every one of us has those everyday products that we randomly find at home. You may not remember when or why you bought them, but they can be pretty useful.  These products sometimes have benefits beyond what we already know; one of those magic items is Vaseline, the petroleum jelly-based product that’s on every woman’s vanity!

Vaseline is one of the best hydrating creams out there as it’s considered a great heavy duty moisturizer and will do the job just right when it comes to dry skin. However, that’s not all that it can do! Here are eight Vaseline beauty hacks that will surely save your day!

It makes your perfume last longer

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You don’t need to worry about anymore, because applying a dap of Vaseline before putting on perfume will make your favorite fragrance stick and last a while longer!

It can also hydrate your lips:

Via Fashionista

Speaking of dry skin, dry lips can be so irritating as well. But, guess what! Vaseline makes a great chap stick as well!

It will make your mani life easier:

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You can apply some Vaseline to the outline of your nails before applying nail polish. That way, it won’t spread onto your cuticles and you’ll save yourself an unnecessary mess. Oh, and on a side note, it heals cracked cuticles as well!

Much easier!

Via Seventeen

You no longer have to worry about opening a stubborn manicure bottle lid. Just apply some on the inside of the lid and you’re good to go; Vaseline has lubricating properties that will do the trick!

It also protects your skin from hair dye

Via Good Housekeeping

If you’re not a big fan of hair salons and like to do it yourself at home, better protect your forehead and ears from turning ginger red or chocolate brown. A layer of Vaseline behind your ears and on your hairline will act as a barrier so the dye doesn’t leave you crying in the bathroom.

And helps you get your split ends camouflaged


Until you get yourself a trim, you can apply some Vaseline to your unruly split ends. This will be the perfect disguise as it can fake softness and glow.

And speaking of glow…

Via ORANGE Magazine

Vaseline can give your arms and legs the natural glow you probably spent a lifetime looking for. Not just that, but dabbing some on your cheekbones or brow bones makes some highlighting wonders!

Waterproof mascara who?


Forget about expensive makeup removers. You can easily remove your stubborn waterproof mascara or eyeliner with a cotton swab and some Vaseline!

WE SAID THIS: Seems like Vaseline is every girl’s must-have sidekick!

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