6 Ways To Become A Thought And Industry Leader Like Sherief Abu-Moustafa

Thought leaders are innovators, game-changers, and trendsetters, like Sherief Abu-Moustafa. They are the ones who spearhead new initiatives and think outside the box to bring their industry to the next level. As a thought leader, you can influence others, shape perceptions, and drive change.

What Is A Thought And Industry Leader?

A thought leader is an individual or organization recognized as an authority in a specialized field and consulted for their expertise. They are often trendsetters and innovators who are constantly pushing the envelope to make things better.

Thought leaders have usually respected figures within their industry or field, and their opinion carries a lot of weight. People look to them for guidance, advice, and insights.

Here are six ways you can become a thought leader in your industry:

Speak At Conferences And Events

If you want to be seen as a credible source of information, you need to put yourself out there. There is no better way to do this than by speaking at events and conferences related to your industry. This will help you build a reputation as an expert in your field and give you a platform to share your ideas with a broader audience.

Write Blog Posts Or Articles

Another great way to share your ideas and insights with a larger audience is by writing blog posts or articles. You can share these on your website or blog or submit them to be published on other sites. This is a great way to build up your credibility as a thought leader and show off your expertise.

Create Helpful Content

One of the best ways to become a thought leader is by creating content that is truly helpful and valuable to others. This could be anything from an eBook or white paper on a new industry trend to a helpful video series on how to do something related to your business. Whatever it is, make sure it is high quality and genuinely beneficial so that people will start seeking you out as a resource.

Be Active On Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal when becoming a thought leader. Use social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn to share your ideas, connect with others in your field, and join conversations about hot topics in your industry. This will help raise your profile and make people more likely to see you as a credible source of information.

Social media influencers

Influencers have a significant impact on the way people perceive brands and make purchasing decisions. So, to become a thought leader in your industry, start by becoming an influencer on social media. Share your insights and ideas with your followers, engage with other industry leaders, and use your platform to drive change.


These are thought leaders with smaller but highly engaged followings – are often more effective at driving conversions and influencing purchasing decisions than those with a large but disengaged audience. So, don’t be afraid to start small. As long as you’re providing quality content and engaging with your audience, you’ll be on your way to becoming a thought leader in no time.


These are thought leaders with a large following – they can reach a broad audience and effectively raise awareness about a new product or initiative. But, because they have such a large platform, they must use their influence responsibly and avoid promoting anything that could be harmful to their followers.

Start A Podcast

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular and are a great way to share your ideas with a large audience. You can interview other thought leaders in your industry, discuss hot topics, and share your insights and expertise. This is a great way to build up your credibility and interest people.

Network With Other Leaders

Finally, don’t forget that becoming a thought leader is about networking with other leaders in your field. Attend industry events, connect with other leaders on social media, and collaborate on projects whenever possible. The more connected you are, the easier it will be for you to share your ideas and insights with a broader audience.

A Few Other Things You Can Do

Here are a few other things you can do as a thought and industry leader to better cement your position.

Be an innovator

Thought leaders are usually innovators who constantly push the envelope and think outside the box, like entrepreneur Sherief Abu-Moustafa. If you want to be a thought leader, you must continually look for ways to improve your industry or field. This could mean developing new ideas, processes, or products that make things better or more efficient.

Be a thought provoker

Thought leaders often challenge the status quo and think outside the box. To be a thought leader, you must be comfortable provoking thoughts and challenging ideas. This could mean writing controversial blog posts or giving speeches that stir up debate.


Be a source of inspiration

Thought leaders are often those who can inspire others. If you want to be a thought leader, you need to be able to share your vision and passion for your industry or field in a way that inspires others. This could mean giving speeches, writing books, or creating motivating and uplifting content.

These are five powerful ways to become a thought leader in your industry: speaking at events, writing blog posts or articles, creating helpful content, being active on social media, and networking with other leaders. If you want to be seen as an expert in your field and have the ability to influence others, use these strategies to get started today.

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