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This Vlogger’s Account Will Make You Hungry for Adventure

Via Shady El-Agamy

Everyone loves traveling to take a break and recharge, and many people are actually obsessed and filled with passion towards the whole idea of experiencing something new. However, some other people have taken it a bit more seriously; they chose to quit their jobs and live the dream instead. Living the dream though is a thing, and documenting every second of it is totally different. The increasing number of travel vloggers has made the competition so high, and while some are lucky to have audiences binge-watching their channels, others are still making their way through.

In an attempt to shed a spotlight on underground talents in the travel vlogging field, we luckily stumbled upon Shady El-Agamy’s account. Shady who was born and raised in the land of the Pharoahs, Egypt, is to our surprise an Engineering graduate. It’s quite interesting how a lot of people these days choose to defy the flow instead of just going with it, and El-Agamy is one of those few examples who decided to follow their dreams.

Treasures of the South

Unearthly beauty found in the south of Egypt, beautiful topographic structure for the reefs serves an amazing diving experience.

Posted by Shady El-Agamy on Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Every story has a starting point, and Shady’s story started with his love of traveling. The more he traveled, the more he escaped his hectic life at university. Along the way, he got introduced to diving, and this is where the magic happened. Shady developed a passion for diving that pushed him to get a GoPro to document the underwater treasures. He saw hidden gems that he wanted to show others, “that’s when I felt that I wanted to take videos and edit them. I failed, but I loved it,” he told us. He then picked travel destinations rich with marine life where he could dive and practice his new obsession.

Shady started self-learning by watching Youtube tutorials and picking up techniques from his favorite vloggers such as Peter McKinnon, Casey Neistat, and our very own Mazen Yassen; as known as Just a GoProer. Practice was the key to it all.  “I just started making videos and posting them until one day, Mazen called me and offered me a job,” he said. As Shady used to contact Mazen and ask him for professional feedback, he was already familiar with his work. Mazen offered Shady to work on a Gouna Film Festival-related project with him, and this was the turning point in Shady’s story; this was when he decided to quit his job as a safety engineer for good. Today, Shady makes a living out of the two things he enjoys the most; travel vlogging and music.

Drum #PickAStreet #ElGouna #April2017 by the one and only @nassie54

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The young vlogger’s love for the sea could be easily reflected in his videos. His previous content includes marvelous underwater shots; and above the water as well, in Egypt’s magnificent Red Sea. He documented his adventures in places such as Marsa Alam, Gouna, and Dahab. Not just that, but he also gave the country’s heritage its share by shooting at majestic destinations such as Giza, Luxor, and Aswan. Such content is not just an indicator of a hidden talent, but also a proof that our country is more than beautiful. Seems like what Egypt really needs is having people like Shady showing the world its beauty.

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Posted by Shady M. El-Agamy on Saturday, December 23, 2017

Shady even opened up to us about his concerns around the state of tourism in the country. He told us, “Tourism is dying, there’s so much to do.” By creating these videos he tries to promote Egypt to the outside world, and luckily, it worked. He gets a lot of messages from friends abroad who eventually come to pay the country a visit. As Shady shows them around, they realize that it’s safe after all and that media doesn’t always show all sides of the story.

Another thing the vlogger/musician aspires to achieve, is to take a further step towards filmmaking. Because of the endless love and appreciation he has towards marine life, he wishes to make films to raise people’s awareness on how they affect it. “I want to become a filmmaker and educate people about marine life. Our human print is contaminating the water and affecting it badly,” El Agamy said.

El-Agamy makes videos to show people that there’s more to life than in the world they’re locking themselves in. He wants to encourage people to live life to the fullest, ditch the life of materialism, and chase life experiences. That’s because from his humble point of view; this is where happiness truly lies. A few last words by Shady we came across and we believe they’re worth mentioning are, “Choose life, live free; free from the shackles of society, free from modern age slavery.” 

WE SAID THIS: We totally agree with you Shady! Keep doing what you’re doing, because you’re doing great so far.

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