Top Egyptian Fashion Designer Is Giving One Lucky Winner a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

The fashion scene in Egypt has become more diverse with every passing day, but with that diversity, comes competition.


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Which is where Amany El Cherif comes in. Fashion designers all over Egypt and the Middle East always try to swim against the current to make themselves stand out. They shower our timelines with supposed-creative ideas, but sadly, only a few do.


Recently, El Cherif took to social media to announce that she was giving people a once in a lifetime opportunity. One lucky gal (or guy) will be picked to intern with El Cherif, be in the industry and learn from the best.


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If you just caught yourself thinking who is Amany El Cherif, please take a step back and focus. El Cherif is a name to be reckoned with in the fashion industry. She received her education from Ducret School of Art Fashion Institute and Rutgers University in the United States, and opened her first gallery in the US at 1996. She later moved her workshop and gallery to Heliopolis and started an exceptional career in the MENA region.


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Applying for this internship is simple; all you have to do is post one of your original sketches on Instagram with the hashtag #ACGivesBack and tag @AmanyElCherifCouture.


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WE SAID THIS: Good luck to everyone aspiring to achieve their dreams. 


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