The Sunchild

The minute you surf the internet or watch TV, you cannot escape passing by the depressing plague that has engulfed the country. You feel sick, you feel helpless and you feel just, well… plain depressed. I always strive to be one of those people who take advantage of the situation, look at the bright side […]

Bobbies: One Foot Forward

The world is absorbed with brands, with the who’s who and whats hot and whats not! Once in a while one decides to leave this box of ignorance and try something new, a more trendier option that may even surprise you to be better then what you have been using all these years. The other […]

Egypt: The Erosion of the State

At the time of writing Egypt seems on the brink of a state of total anarchy. Port Said remains, for the second day running, gripped by deadly riots triggered by the sentencing to death of 21 defendants in last year’s deadly football riots (none of which are policemen). Suez remains in a state of tense […]

Morsi Sets Curfew for Suez, Ismalia & Port Said

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has just declared a 30-day state of emergency in Port Said, Suez and Ismailia, the three governorates which have witnessed deadly clashes since the second anniversary of the Egyptian revolution on 25 Jan. During a speech broadcast on state television, the under-fire Morsi has also said a curfew will be imposed […]

Two Egyptian Footballers Perish in Port Said

In the wake of all the violence that has been flooding Egypt over the past couple days, two Egyptian pro Football players have been amongst the 32 that were killing the Port Said riots! As a judge announced the death sentence for 21 people in connection to last years massacare, in which 74 fans died […]

The Jeans for All Mankind!

You go out to buy jeans but then you find it either a little bit baggy or needs trimming or the right cut but the wrong color? Well the dog days are now over!   Now that “7 for All Mankind” has opened right in the city’s prestigious shopping district, Mohandiseen, you’ll be able to […]

Lychee- Zamalek Get’s Juice!

With the daily openings of new food outlets all over Cairo there is a new trend of ‘healthy living’ that is starting too take over. With new salad bars popping up along side the many other boutique restaurants that give you a quick bite of heaven and then send you on your way. One thing […]

First Islamic Cafe Hit’s Egypt

None of us should be worried about where the country is going now or its economy or the level of poverty or the fact that the constitution is reshaping our beloved Egypt. To be honest, I lost hope, I stopped following up or watching news or attempting to be part of anything.   Why?   […]

Egyptian Government & Banks Encourage Polygamy!

HURRAY! For all you men out there who felt the need to want to marry more than one woman (we don’t know why you would do that to yourself in the first place); the Egyptian Bank for Development and Agricultural credit is now granting loans to encourage men to marry more than one woman! Ok […]

Another Train Crash!

A military train carrying young recruits to an army camp derailed in a Cairo suburb on early morning today, killing at least 19 people and injuring 103 others according to the Ministry of Health’s sources. The train was traveling from southern Egypt to Cairo when it derailed in Badrashin in Giza.”The Egyptian ambulance authority has […]