This Rant About Egypt’s match With Russia Will Definitely Crack you up!

As much as Egyptians are trying to look at the bright side, last night’s football game took its toll on our spirits. The much-anticipated World Cup game between Egypt and Russia left us on the edge of our seats, only to be disappointed after our national team lost to Russia with a score 3-1.

We’re proud that our team has made it to Russia, we’re proud of Mohamed Salah becoming one of the world’s top players and we support them endlessly, but last night, poop literally hit the fan and it rained on all of us. It was our second game after losing to Uruguay 1-0 and fans took over Russia.

The day started with rumors that media sponsors and Egyptian artists cramped the hotel where the players were staying, leaving them distracted. Everyone had high hopes after hearing that Mohamed Salah will be playing, alas all good Egyptian dreams come to an end. The team performed really well in the first half, but all their dreams were shot down after Ahmed Fathi scored an own goal. The team’s zeal went down the drain afterward and the goals kept on coming.

مصري يعبر ههههه

Posted by Walid SB on Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The one thing that consoles us during this sad time is this all-time favorite rant. This Egyptian man driving aimlessly in the streets is every single one of us right now.

WE SAID THIS: Hard luck, Egypt.