Blackberry Announces BBM for Android and iPhone Users

Blackberry Announces BBM for Android and iPhone Users

Blackberry’s signature Messenger, BBM, the cornerstone of all chat applications out there, will be gracing Google Play and the Apple Store within the next couple of days after a decade or so of staying exclusive to Blackberry devices. By turning cross platform, BBM will be set to compete with messaging apps such as Whatsapp, Line […]

WIRED IN: Blackberry Flowing, Pinterest Ballin’, Nokia PureViewing & More

  >> Blackberry Z10 to “Flow” into the market soon In exactly a week, Research in Motion (RIM) will launch the new Blackberry 10 operating system along with the most anticipated Z10 device. The launch will take place in a few cities around the world, in the Middle East, Dubai will be one of these […]

Blackberry Is Dead

Blackberry is dead. Literally and figuratively, dead. There’s a general rule when evaluating what is called “earnings quality” of a firm, to make sure that operationally it isn’t defunct and that it is a genuine “going concern”, ie it will continue to exist as a competitive player its CORE field. KEYWORD: CORE. Think of it […]