Blackberry Announces BBM for Android and iPhone Users


Blackberry’s signature Messenger, BBM, the cornerstone of all chat applications out there, will be gracing Google Play and the Apple Store within the next couple of days after a decade or so of staying exclusive to Blackberry devices.

By turning cross platform, BBM will be set to compete with messaging apps such as Whatsapp, Line and WebChat.

If you don’t know how BBM operates and missed the golden days of messaging, the service allows you to chat and share information with up to 30 users in a single conversation, and ensures your privacy with a unique PIN which you can use when deciding if you want to share your contact information with others.

BBM is the most robust messaging app I’ve ever used to date and the reason why the Blackberry swept us off our feet.

BlackBerry Messenger will begin rolling out for Android and iPhone customers around the world on September 21 and September 22nd respectively.

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