Nancy Ajram Is Joining ‘The Powerpuff Girls,’ and Fans Are Very Excited

by Reham Youssef


Okay so, The Powerpuff Girls are about to get cuter. Lebanese superstar, Nancy Ajram, has announced via Facebook that she’s going to star in the cartoon.


It was also reported that Ajram is going to play the role of the new member of The Powerpuff Girls: Christina. We here at Scoop Empire are excited for what the cartoon has in store for us, and the Internet feels exactly the same.



Below are some of our favorite reactions:


The post reads: We’re very, very excited.


The post reads: Nancy Ajram is an exceptional star, she’s always surprising us.


The post reads: A big step that is added to her long and massive career, congratulations.



WE SAID THIS: Congratulations.


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