IL BOSCO New Capital Is the Definition of Present and Future Magnificence

Egypt’s New Capital is set to alter the real estate market, and there is absolutely no doubt that it is going to change the country to the best once it comes to life. As always, Misr Italia Properties catered to what their clients want and need, which is why they’ve introduced us to IL BOSCO New Capital; their new heavenly compound.


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Firstly, IL BOSCO’s name may give you a hint or two about what to expect from the compound. The name derives from the Italian language, meaning The Forest — which is why we’re 200% positive that they’re taking the term “greenery” to another level.


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The project is divided into five residential zones: The Valley, The Park, The Meadows, The Cliff and The Vertical Forest. The residential units are divided into Stand Alone Villas, Twin Houses and Apartments. The project aims to provide a healthy sustainable ecological life system to the community around it — meaning that the project will be filled with incredible never seen before greenery.  Each zone compliments the overall concept of the project in its own way.


Now that we’ve set off on an exploratory voyage to find out more about IL BOSCO, let’s find the paddles to the aforementioned properties and delve deep. The Valley is a zone that is known for its spacious areas and an endless amount of fields and trees. The Park, on the other hand, is a natural haven mixing open spaces with parks into one area. It is bound to be one of the biggest zones in the project.


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As for The Meadows, it will have its own distinct character and style. The landscape will be soft, open and porous fields of wildflowers and plant arrangements. As for The Cliff, it is located on the highest point of the compound, and will overlook most of the majestic landscapes around it — including The Creek, which is a river-like water feature that circulates around the compound. Last but not least, The Vertical Forest is a group of iconic towers with vertically-integrated landscape. These buildings will feature a green plantations that’ll compliment the overall essence of the project.


Even though their delivery date is set to be in four years, the compound’s first phase, The Valley of villas and luxury apartments are already sold-out, (don’t worry, the next phase, The Park is rolling out soon) and there are several concrete reasons why it happened very fast. IL BOSCO is simply setting new trends in the real estate market by bringing new concepts that have never been implemented in the region.


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The compound is located along the Mohamed bin Zayed road (the equivalent of Road 90 in Fifth Settlement), which is basically the heart of the New Capital. It overlooks the green river, and is very close to all big landmarks — such as the Opera House, Diplomatic District, Financial District, Expo City, Medical City, and the Academic City. IL BOSCO is also 10 minutes away via car from New Cairo, 25 minutes from the airport, and 45 minutes from Maadi.


Everyone dreams of living in an area full of nature and Instagrammable scenery, but IL BOSCO redefines that with the term ecological haven. Green in IL BOSCO is 360 degrees; wherever you are inside the compound, the valley-like design will not allow you to see anything else outside of it. Your view is basically going to be infinite greenery.


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The boldest trend, however, that Misr Italia Properties has introduced so far is hands down the internationally acclaimed and award-winning design of The Vertical Forest. Why, you say? Because it’s a unique experience that consists of a number of iconic towers with vertical landscapes. This provides an architecturally-integrated living system while placing trees in the sky, that are designed to bring back nature in urban form and seek unity of people and ecosystem.


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Investing in IL BOSCO New Capital is a smart decision for the future. The community centers, clubhouses, community pools, and all the other activities inside the compound are guaranteed to create a dynamic and energetic community that is part of a safe and fun environment. Although the commercial hub will be accessible to everyone, only residents of IL BOSCO and their visitors are allowed in the exclusive compound. The commercial hub is an area of shops and fine-dining restaurants that will easily make you make you master the art of shopping and dining.



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