Egyptian A Cappella Group Transform This Shaabi Song into a Classical Masterpiece

By Reem Tolba

Whether you heard it at a random house party or in a taxi, the following song is just inescapable. “Ali Ya Ali” is a Shaabi one hit wonder that has been scientifically proven to improve any wedding by 200% when it gets played. However, we’re quite sure you’ve never listened to this version of it!



Emad Baarour sings the original version of the song, but Egyptian voice artist, Dalia Ihab Younis, decided to take things to the next level by singing it in a cappella with a classical twist — the result is beautiful.


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Younis joined forces with some of her talented friends to create this weird yet stunning work of art, and we’re oh-so glad she did.



WE SAID THIS: The song went from being played in a toktok to an opera.


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