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The art world and its ever-growing scene is a hard one to keep up with. Our seasoned artists, canvas crawlers, and educated entertainers are on the prowl to make sure the music and art scenes are fully covered for your visual and listening pleasure.

For Shits & Giggles : Jimmy Kimmel’s iPhone 5 First Look

Jimmy Kimmel sent a team of his out into the streets, to ask people their thoughts on the just released Iphone 5! The thing is, it wasn’t the Iphone 5 but rather the 4s. Watch how the human desire to bullshit comes out, and everyone’s funny reactions! We Said This: Are you going to upgrade? […]

Ad-dicted: Now That’s An Underwear Ad

We have been bombarded with commercials for Boxers and underwear these past couple months, and to say the least they lack a lot of class and taste. I don’t want to be sitting in my living room listening to a trashy rhyme while men of all different sizes are parading around in boxers and tighty-whities. […]

Project XX. – Judgement Day

This is our final post to you, so listen carefully. Dom on an easter egg hunt and Kenzie threatening to jump off the ledge of Mori Sushi. We are feeling somewhat like Anne Frank, hidden away. Not specifically in hiding, but residing in the bosom of our dear whaling sister Kimmy, who has taken it […]

For Shits & Giggles: Egyptian Wife Caught Doing Porn

It is pretty common knowledge that most men surf the internet looking for porn (whoever tells you otherwise is lying!) Well one Egyptian man happened to be surfing some porn sites at an internet cafe in Dakhleya and stumbled upon his wife of over 16 years in some REAL compromising situations! The man who has […]

It’s A Krak Baby

There is no doubt that Cairo is witnessing a fashion revolution with the recent surge of local talent. While fashion designers are popping up left and right, it seems that we’ve sort of left our boys behind! Enter Krak Baby – a street wear line created by Moustafa Moussa and Hatem Hannoun. I sat down […]

Dina Maghawry- New & Improved

You have heard her name before, but did you know that Dina Maghawry Design just relaunched her showroom in Zamalek? I sat down with the Artiste  herself to discuss her newest outlet, designs and welcome her back to the island. Finally happy to see you back in Zamalek, why did the store take so long […]

Al Hezb El Comedy Turns One!

Comedy, Comedy, Comedy. It’s the only thing that keeps us going in this stressful life that we live. And the Middle East is also getting a taste of how that feels. A determined young Egyptian comedian, Hashem EL Garhy took it upon himself and started a “Hezb” (political party per say) for comedy here in […]

Ashibah Releases Sneak Peak for Another Day Video

It is no secret that the Scoop Empire founders are how can we put it lightly obsessed with rising star Ashibah! The talented DJ & Singer is releasing her debut single and Video Clip along with it. Check out the teaser below: For more info on the Danish/Egyptian Diva check out her freshly launched Fan […]

Everyone’s a Fashion Designer!

I don’t know if its my overly criticizing character or the fact that Campus gave me a ‘free-pass’ for being a fashion critic that I became such a cynical character. If I wasn’t so innocent looking I’d be termed a bitch a long time ago. So forgive me for being too (lets term it) forward. […]

Bin Laden Kicks Fifty Shades Of Grey’s A**

When Fifty Shades of Grey came out, the world was in up roar with how controversial it was, while women across the globe felt liberated that they could indulge in some naughty late night reads without being considered a, now how can we put this politely? (A lady of the night) Along comes Bin Laden […]