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The art world and its ever-growing scene is a hard one to keep up with. Our seasoned artists, canvas crawlers, and educated entertainers are on the prowl to make sure the music and art scenes are fully covered for your visual and listening pleasure.

RamaScoops: El Maxibon

I’m sure you’ve seen this heaven of an ice-cream plastered everywhere in Cairo’s streets. Well it’s Nestle’s newly introduced ice-cream: Maxibon, half sandwich half chocolate coated ice cream! Well I was gonna be fine with just the sandwich, but OK. Two is better than one! With no better time to launch a campaign than during […]

RamaScoops: Birell is at it Again!

Well if one brand took the advertising world by storm in the past couple of years, it is Birell! With their very well spoken message ” Man Up – استرجل” they have come back this a Ramadan with an even stronger message. Some have dubbed it as the funneist ad of the month! I love […]

RamaScoops : Coca-Cola’s Acts of Happiness

Another big player when it comes to ads in Ramadan, is none other than the largest beverage company in the world, Coca-Cola. Always spreading happiness one way or the other, this Ramadan they’re concentrating on small acts of joy to spread happiness. Coming out with 2 ads one promoting their happiness tour around the country […]


Check this video out! Two of our favorite companies are joining forces to bring out one of the coolest activations in Egypt! One is known to take on the middle east in check-ins and the other really knows how to take a silly picture. Can You guess what it is? WE SAID THIS: We love collaborations!! […]

RamaScoops: Vodafone Dazzles in Latest Ad

I think I watched this ad about 10 times, for some reason the words resonated with me, as I’m sure it did with many others!  We can all relate to the haters, those who never want to see you succeed, those who put more effort in competing with you than improving themselves, etc… Vodafone every […]

Vintage Style Lab: All About the Vintage

Sunglasses are all the rage, and picking the best pair seems to be one of the hardest things (what brands, what model, what price range?) But the most coveted sunglasses are those damn vintage sungalsses, the older the better! Well boys and girls let us introduce you to the don of all Vintage Sunglasses. Tarek […]

Skrillex Goes Disney

As word got by of a joint venture between breakthrough artist Skrillex and media moguls ‘Disney’ we naturally had to get down on the scoop. Turns out, during Comic-Con, it was announced that in Disney’s new animated movie ‘Wreck it Ralph” based on a nine-foot tall arcade game villain trying to show the world his […]

A Taste of Mist

The boy wonder that has come to be one the most demanded talents in the country has released a new summer set. After just spinning at El Villa, Sahel’s shinning summer outlet he braces the decks once more time before Ramadan tomorrow night at Tamarai’s Classico ft. DJ’s Fahmy & Samba as well as Toyboys. […]

Levi’s Goes Underground With Their 2012 Lookbook

Levi’s stepped outside of the box this season and teamed up with the boys at Else (Adam Mourad and Karim Fanous) to create a one of a kind video lookbook, for the brand! I really tried hard to find something wrong with this! Maybe the models are ugly (Nope) Maybe the video isn’t gritty enough […]

Marina and her Electra Heart

Marina and The Diamonds are back stronger than ever. Trying extremely hard to break into the pop culture scene, their new album Electra Heart does exactly what they set out to do. With hard-hitting dance pop songs such as their first single “Primadonna” and “The State of Dreaming” Marina’s soaring vocals packing some genuine emotion will […]