Young Egyptian Footballer With Amputated Arms Redefines Inspiration

Ibrahim Hussein. Remember this name for the sky is his limit. This week, we come across a boy who has fought all odds with the biggest smile on his face.

Ibrahim Hussein is a 13-year-old footballer, only his arms are amputated. After being electrocuted as a child, Hussein lost his arms but not his optimism.

Not only is he a great football player as per his coach the young man is a skilled drawer as well; because his feet are that unique. His parents are dreaming that he plays football professionally and joins the national special needs team.

Watch Ibrahim below and get inspired:

إبراهيم حسين شاب يهزم "فقدان ذراعية" ويحترف كرة القدم #مساء_dmc

"تقدر تطير من غير جناحات"إبراهيم حسين شاب يهزم "فقدان ذراعية" ويحترف كرة القدم#مساء_dmc

Posted by dmc TV on Tuesday, September 10, 2019

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