You’ll Definitely Relate to This Multi-Socket Advertising Campaign

Via Elios

How many times have you run out of sockets or weren’t able to find a suitable one for your type A charger? What I know for sure is that we fight over multi-sockets at the office all the time, it’s a daily morning ritual! Stumbling upon this hilarious advert on social media was so relatable I cracked!

It looks like Elios, the Egyptian smart electrical solutions company, understands the struggle. Earlier this month, the company launched an advertising campaign conveying the message “Every multi-socket has its own capabilities”. The series of ads promote Elios’ latest innovative line for multipurpose electrical sockets with high resilience.

The ads address the diverse pool of consumers each in his own lingo. For instance, in the previous copies, it’s quite obvious that one is targeting men and the other is targeting women by showing how Elios can tailor for each of their needs. It’s worth mentioning that a third copy is expected to come out soon on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

The line eliminates the safety hazards that come with low-quality multi-sockets, the last thing you’d want is to damage your Macbook, or God forbid, cause a fire. That’s why investing in a decent multi-socket is the least you can do. This is another crucial matter the campaign was pointing at in a humorous manner, the cherry on top was the 10-year warranty and the fact that their multi-sockets come in different colors and designs.

Elios just never fails to impress with their out-of-the-box advertising campaigns. Last year they dropped a series of futuristic ads that promoted their LED bulbs, and we were there to applaud! Once again, the brand proves to be ahead with their creativity, as well as their innovative green electrical and lighting solutions.

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