Yasmin Sabry Sings to The tune ‘I Will Survive’ Post Divorce

By Mervat Mohsen.

In 1978, Gloria Naylor made history with a five-minute song singing, ‘I will survive.’ Millions of women followed in her stead, singing. None has been familiar back then with terms such as empowerment of women or the “#MeToo Movement”, but the song still rattles cages today as it has done then. 

Egyptian beauty Yasmin Sabry is dancing out the act. The aspiring actress has recently been divorced from a billionaire, turned-desirable bachelor in the matrimonial circles, again.

Yet, Sabry has wasted no time after the divorce to show she has moved on or at least is trying to. She has traveled to the Maldives, working on her yoga. Then she has traveled again in an off-white, silver dress to Cannes. Nothing can stop her now that is for sure.

Via Youm 7.

We have seen her as a married woman once photographed on a private plane. Today she is getting into a helicopter on her own terms, less pompous but more seductive. After a two-year acting lull, she is making a comeback with a vengeance onto the screen. A new 15-episode soap series ‘Al Shader’ (The Fish Market) starts filming in June. 

Her last appearance has been in ‘Another Chance’ (Forsa Tania) in Ramadan 2020. Al Shader will be released on a digital platform. Veteran comedian Ashraf Abdel Baki will co-star. Sabry will reprise the role of a local girl in a fish market. Sabry is expected to be quite busy and immersed in her work as she engages in a new movie, ‘Gang Act’ (Shoghl Esabat).  It will be her first lead role in a movie. She has also been offered a casting role with favorite Ahmed Ezz in a historical epic movie, ‘Masr al Mahrousa’ (Egypt  Protected). 

Post-divorce scenarios of ice-cream tubs and taking societal hiatus have become a decadent past with Sabry introducing more interesting options.

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