World’s First Hanging Obelisk Suspended At The Grand Egyptian Museum

Hanging in front of the Grand Egyptian museum is the world’s first suspended obelisk, orchestrated by BESIX and Orascom construction. The architectural marvel is currently suspended on four columns and anyone standing near its base can actually look directly into its interiors to see Ramses II‘s cartridges. The cartridges were hidden for about 3500 years so seeing them for the first time is truly a unique experience for visitors.

Installing the obelisk was not an easy task requiring complex engineering and technology. Today, its structure is very stable and well-protected from vibrations that are caused by the movement of cars or the subway near the museum. The obelisk itself is covered with engraved stone helping to evenly distribute its weight and ensure stability.

Having such a stately structure in front of the museum is quite special as the obelisk holds a significant place in Egypt’s history. To ancient Egyptians; a structure that commemorated the dead, represented their kings and honored their Gods. Now with it being a part of the museum, it adds even more history and significance to the largest archaeological museum in the world.

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