World Television Day: Why Despite New Technology, We Stay Loyal

21 November, marks World Television Day. The UN decided to commemorate World Television Day on this day every year, as “Television represents a symbol for communication and globalization in the contemporary world. It’s not so much a celebration of the tool, but rather the philosophy which it represents.” – The UN stated.

Well, we’re here to share the plea! TVs have indeed been the staple of entertainment for as long as we can remember. It has been our loyal friend, that people can gather around and have a decent time. And the fact that modern technology has taken over, doesn’t by any means, erase the fact that TV sets were here first. That despite all these online streaming platforms stealing us from our TVs, we always find our way back.

It’s more than just a tool of mere entertainment, but for all the memories and nostalgic vibes it brings, many will regard televisions simply irreplaceable. If you don’t know why let us jog your memory with some cool trivia.

History Of Egyptian TV

On July 21, 1960, the first Egyptian television broadcast in history, took place. The broadcast of the Egyptian television transmission began with two channels and the Holy Qur’an was the first thing that was shown on Egyptian television. Later, bringing some extra wow factor was the introduction of several more channels and then the magic of colored tv screens!

TV Sets Uniting audience

Since the number of channels was extremely limited, so was the content aired. A few drama series were screened at specific times and days, and literally, everyone would watch the same artworks, at the exact same times together. There were no rich-online streaming libraries filled with endless choices of international movies. You couldn’t weasel out of the family/TV time, simply because it was the only time and tool available.

This has definitely brought people closer, uniting the public taste back at the time. People would gather in cafes that have tv sets, so they can all watch together the finale of a widely loved series. The audience would have huge discussions regarding the small no of dramas airing -Television became a major instrument in giving people more sense of belonging and togetherness.


Fast forward to the late ’90s and 2000s. For children, televisions were their dear best friend. Simply, because it brought them closer to their favorite fictional characters! Before hitting the sack, children would have some fun time watching different cartoons, that literally served every taste. No wonder TVs rightfully earned their place as the kids’ go to escapism… Children nowadays can watch more graphically enhanced cartoons at their chosen times. But it wouldn’t compare to the feeling of euphoria as a child waits for his favorite cartoon to air.

To add more testaments to our solid discourse of why we are loyal to television, we’d like to add that TVs kind of, well, added a vibe of mystery and a weirdly satisfying sense of being out of control. You rarely know what’s going to air next, and you certainly have no say regarding the kind of content screening – and that’s the beauty of it!

Being on a permanent ‘shuffle mode’ kind of feels relaxing. You don’t have to squeeze your mind searching for the perfect movie, you just go with the flow. And, we don’t know if you’re on board with this, but finding a good movie randomly screening on tv, feels 10 times better than searching for it and playing it yourself!

We would’ve actually preferred to spare tv screens the lure of comparison with modern technology. Yet, if you think that watching movies/dramas on tv screens has gone stale… News Flash, think again!

WE SAID THIS: Yes, despite all the new technologies, we shall forever appreciate our dear old tv sets!