With New Branches and Strict Safety Measures, Gourmet Egypt Has Your Back!

To enhance customers’ shopping experience, Gourmet Food Stores opened a new branch in Road 9 in Maadi and re-relocated to a larger store in City Stars, in order to meet the high demand. Both stores are larger in space, and therefore can handle and efficiently serve more people, providing them with an excellent shopping experience.

Gourmet Food Stores opened new branches to help the community attain their necessary grocery supplies by being one step closer to them, reaching and serving more customers during the COVID-19 pandemic, while maintaining optimum safety measures.

Due to the current circumstances, Gourmet Food Stores was keen on ensuring ongoing safety precautions through controlled facilities, to keep its customers, as well as staff, safe, in addition to that they stressed the mandatory of wearing masks while shopping in the stores. A special fleet of microbuses was hired to transport employees and prevent them from using public transportation.

Gourmet Food Stores, your safest grocery-shopping destination!

Gourmet Food Stores ensures that all production and warehouse facilities are deep-cleaned and disinfected daily, and has deployed a trolley handle disinfecting station designed for customers to disinfect their trolleys before each use.

In line with the social distancing measures announced by the World Health Organization (WHO), Gourmet Food Stores only allows a certain number of employees inside the stores, while ensuring they all wear gloves and masks, in addition to having their temperature checked twice daily, and washing their hands frequently.

As for the staff interacting with outside suppliers, in factories or elsewhere, they have been carefully trained on disinfecting supplier vehicles, docks, and goods.

Gourmet Food Stores has also prepared an action plan, in case a coronavirus infection occurs. In addition to that, an internal medical help desk was set up to manage and follow up on any employees who got sick.

Since most people are self-isolating at home, the demand on home deliveries has increased. Consequently, Gourmet Food Stores hired 40 order collators and 20 delivery agents, to support and meet the increased demand. They clearly have everything covered!

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