Why Non-Hijabis Should Not Be Compared To Unwrapped Candy


If there’s one thing that infuriates me as a hijabi, it is this picture and this theory and the people that try to convince us that this is why we should get veiled in the first place.

If you’re not familiar with this theory, here goes:

If two pieces of candy fell on the floor, one was covered and one wasn’t, which would you feel better eating afterwards? Or like the above image, the unwrapped lollipop attracts the swarm of ants whereas the lollipop covered is protected and safe.

This theory concludes that in order for a woman to protect herself from the uncontrolled desires of men, she should cover herself up.

From every point of view, this theory is just messed up and believing it means that we portray men as filthy animals who go crazy just because they see part of a woman’s body and think that gives them the right to abuse her or swarm all over it.

Since when is it okay to identify men and agree that they are animals who cannot be asked to control their desires because a women is not covered up?

And even worse, since when is it okay to blame a woman that the reason she could be sexually harassed is her choice of garments? Doesn’t this theory just encourage victim-blaming and degrade women to objects rather than humans?

Islam asks both men and women to “3’od el basar” or lower their gaze, which means that whatever a person is wearing, we shouldn’t just control our urges, but control not even looking at them! So can someone please explain to me how it is not just okay, yet used over and over again to explain why a woman should cover up?

Islam is a beautiful religion that is fair and humble in every way possible. Please don’t spread theories that give people a reason to hold something against Islam, when it is our understanding and perception that needs fixing.

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