Why New Yachting Enthusiasts Should Attend the 2020 Monaco Yacht Show

If you’ve recently joined the ranks of the enlightened and developed a keen interest in yachts, there’s a good chance you’ve struggled to find reliable information about this rewarding lifestyle. Conflicting information around the internet makes deciding what superyacht to charter or purchase confusing at best and headache-inducing at worst, but there’s an easy remedy for this – taking the time to visit a yacht show. It’s here that you’ll find tangible information related to yachts and superyachts, as well as an abundance of experts and yacht owners more than happy to talk about their babies. Although dropping by the Sydney Boat Show is a good place to start, the Monaco Yacht Show has by far the best reputation among yacht shows in the world, and for a few very good reasons.

What sets Monaco Yacht Show apart from the rest

With an estimated 30,000 people attending the 2019 Monaco Yacht Show and approximately 4.3 billion US dollars’ worth of yachts displayed in the port, it’s safe to say that the Monaco Yacht Show holds a special place in the hearts of yachters. After all, it’s here every September that industry experts walk shoulder to shoulder with yacht and superyacht owners, brokers, designers and aficionados, ensuring knowledge and advice is never too far away. In addition to the people themselves, there are of course the boats: new builds, concepts, and superyachts are showcased for attendees, and often before being shown anywhere else in the world. Such an opportunity affords attendees the fortune of witnessing some of the best examples of cutting-edge technology and aesthetic yacht design in the world – certainly something to brag about! Even a couple of days at the Monaco Yacht show should provide enough knowledge for you to start researching your first superyacht charter – a process made all the simpler with digital chartering platforms like Ahoy Club.

Experiencing the Monaco Yacht Show intimately

For those wanting to delve deeper into what the Monaco Yacht Show provides, it’s advisable for attendees to enquire about the comprehensive tailored package that organizers have created specifically for newcomers. The Sapphire Experience is designed to support those who have a keen, but nonetheless lacking, interest in yachts and superyachts, as entering the industry improperly equipped can be bewildering for many. This is also true of the attendees themselves – it can be extremely difficult to know who to talk to when you have specific questions in mind – even something as basic as what kinds of yachts are suited to specific purposes – which is why organizers are so interested in streamlining the entire process for new attendees. With all this carefully relayed information from industry veterans, those fresh to superyachts will soon have an excellent idea about what they appreciate and dislike in a yacht. Then, they can start looking into their first charter or purchase with considerable confidence.

Learn more about yachting with the Monaco Yacht Show

Getting to appreciate superyachts intimately is something few get to experience, but the Monaco Yacht Show makes this wild dream a reality. Being able to see brand new and classic superyachts in the flesh and converse with industry professionals is certain to give you a renewed appreciation of the industry, even if you’re not a newcomer. Plus, if you’re not a resident, Monaco’s close proximity to other landmarks will mean your trip to the yacht show can very easily double as an exciting getaway.

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