Arab Women Making Strides: Lebanese Defense Minister Zeina Akar

Minister of Defence and Vice Prime Minister Zeina Akar arrives for the inaugural cabinet meeting at the presidential palace in Baabda east of capital Beirut on January 22, 2020. (Photo by - / AFP)

Since the month of March is solely dedicated to empowering and celebrating women’s achievements in the world, we have come forward with this series to end the stigma regarding gender inequality. The underrepresentation of women in our region in government and decision-making positions has been questioned by the world, however, there are many women around us making great strides in the world of politics, fighting for the equality of all the women.

Lebanese Defense Minister, Zeina Akar just made history by becoming the first woman in our region to hold such a post. Akar is also Deputy Prime Minister of Lebanon and has taken the lead along with six female ministers as part of the new cabinet headed by Prime Minister Hassan Diab, who actually appointed Akar despite her non-military or defense background.

According to the Middle East Monitor, Lebanon has been experiencing a wave of protests over financial instability, corruption, and political overhaul. Therefore the new government and the cabinet that is largely dominated by women are set to face and amend those challenges and correct the shortcomings of the previous administration by keeping peace among the diverse Lebanese society, getting rid of the previous political corruption and finally improving the economic situation.

Women like Akar, being the first woman to be appointed as Defense Minister in the Arab world, make us so proud and give us hope that gender is no longer an obstacle and any ambitious young woman should always fight to reach her dreams and not settle for less.

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