For the Second Year in a Row, This Top Employer is the Company You Want to Work For

Businesses are increasingly trying to embrace their employees, to show them that they’re valued and appreciated, and create the best possible work environment for them. People excel and reach their full potential not only when they earn well, but also when they’re in a happy and healthy environment where they can see themselves grow. Want to join a company that’s on top of its game when it comes to that healthy and positive work environment? Then this scoop is definitely for you!

Hands down, a company that is arguably leading this movement in the country is AXA Egypt! For the second year in a row, AXA was named the Top Employer in Egypt. To be able to not only earn that title, but to also retain it for the second year in a row, must have been a very dynamic and complex process. Their model is a perfect example to be followed by other businesses.

AXA ensures that all the policies are updated and developed to maintain the best working environment for staff, from recruiting talents that match AXA’s creative culture, to creating and applying the best policies to help them reach their maximum potential. But it doesn’t stop at recruitment, it only just begins there!

In addition to appreciating the hardworking employees and promoting a positive work environment, AXA has a unique bucket of benefits for its employees that is rather customized with a “Customer Centric” approach towards employees where each one gets the exact benefit that they need. Imagine being treated as a customer in your own company! An employee that is passionate about fitness would like an offer for the gym, while a parent would appreciate special rates at a kinder garden; they recognize that each person’s needs are different!

However, that’s not it for AXA; they also provide their employees with everything they need for their career development.

More reasons for potential talents to seek work at AXA is knowing that they’ll become a part of a young energetic and diverse team, where the gender is split 50/50, and a focused Women Leadership Program prepares women in middle management for managerial positions at the company.

Covering these essential aspects has kept AXA in the top employer spot in Egypt for the second year in a row, between appreciating the employees, encouraging them to work hard, providing tailored compensation and benefits and empowerment tools for growth. What else can one ask for?

WE SAID THIS: We hope other businesses follow AXA’s model!