A Clearer Perspective: Why it’s Important to Speak up About Your Mental Health

We live in a very materialistic world where capitalism is suffocating us with the continuous need to move on over our personal obstacles and ignore our mental health issues.

We need to understand that the more we ignore our mental health, the less efficient we are for out path to success.

One of the most important ways to understand your mental health dynamics is by talking about your feelings and thoughts with those who are close to you. It may help you figure things out, and also soothes the stiffness and calms the fears.

So why is it important to talk about your mental health?

It helps put things into perspective

Talking about your feelings and thoughts to those who are close to you helps decode the complex data in your head into clear and fathomable thoughts that you can understand. 

Once you understand your thoughts and feelings, you will be able to detect your mental health concerns and decide how to work on them. Whether it be a much needed break from work, temporarily halting a project or seeing a therapist, suggestions may transform themselves into solutions.

Talking is an outlet for negative feelings

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Sometimes we have a lot of negative feelings growing inside of us that we weren’t even aware of in the first place.Talking freely and comfortably about whatever goes in your head can open an outlet for these hidden negativeness to come out. 

Receiving some good advice about our mental health

Opening up helps those who care for us to understand what we’re going through, and it allows them to intervene if we are in a place that requires intervention. 

It also introduces us to different perspectives of what we’re thinking about, which can give us a broader image of our thoughts, feelings, and surroundings. Our loving ones can advise us about how to take care of our mental health through their own experiences and relate to ours. 

Decide when you can tell

Opening up doesn’t mean to push yourself out of your comfort zone, or against your wellbeing. You can open up when ever you feel comfortable and at ease, and have the power to conduct a conversation about your mental health.

The timing is important, but you also need to ask yourself whether or not you’re ready or unwilling to talk out of fear or anxiety about the entire matter. If you are afraid or anxious, then know that it will never hurt, even if it didn’t feel like it helped much this specific time. Just go for it, and we assure you at least, feel better.

Decide who to open up to

Always choose those who are close to you and those who you feel comfortable and at-ease around so you can open up on those deeply buried feelings and speak your mind without thinking twice.

Make sure to choose those who will listen and let you talk freely without throwing unwarranted advice or taking the chance to speak over you and cut you off, as these behaviors can discourage someone who is willing to talk about their thoughts and feelings.

Normalizing mental health disorders

When you talk to the people around you about your experience with mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and/or others, you open a door for a conversation that help to normalize such matters.

People who might be experiencing the same issues and are not aware they may have similar mental health issues might benefit from you and be able to pinpoint and understand their own issues as well, which can help them to seek out help if needed.

Of course, opening up about our mental health to those around us is not a substitute for professional psychological help if one may need it, but it can help us figure out things and thinking with more clarity and help us on our path to recovery.

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