Why Are You Always Tired?

Unexplained tiredness and overall fatigue is a miserable routine. Running low on energy and racing to take a nap with weary eyes can be seriously draining. Waking up in the morning wishing you could just stay in bed from the exhaustion and passing out at home after two steps into the door after work, is hell.

You’re too tired to exercise or even walk your dog, and there could be more to this low energy besides mere laziness.

Treating tiredness isn’t as simple as getting more sleep either. A lack of sleep can have all kinds of impacts on your health and appearance. A lot of people even turn to health supplements like Purtier to help them get their glowing skin back.

So, what could be causing your tiredness? Let’s explore some of the possibilities.

Vitamin D Deficiency

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Here’s your excuse to lay in the sun endlessly and work on those tan lines! Most of us are so sucked into our technology we forget to head outside for some fresh vitamin D. After all, the sun is here for a reason, so expose your skin to some sunrays or consume vitamins. This little addition of sunshine will take the tiredness away while benefiting your system.

P.S. don’t forget to wear sunscreen!


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Water is the source of life; cliché, I know. We both know it’s true, and if your a coffee, soda, or tea drinker you’re likely to lose body fluids.

Lack of Sleep

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Although it’s obvious, not getting enough sleep and messing up your sleep patterns while pulling off endless all-nighters; will surely leave your energy crashing midday. Going to bed for a considerable eight hours should be a priority.

High Stress

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Stress and anxiety are real, people! I believe stress is the number one killer today, and fatigue is only natural in your over-worked mind and body. This is where the idea of taking your breaks comes in handy. They aren’t there for no reason. They allow you to recharge throughout the day. With this being said, it makes sense to hear that some companies may decide to implement rota software in the UK, in order to help monitor staff fatigue and help monitor breaks efficiently.

After a stressful situation, we often lose our appetite and energy to do anything. Instead, be mindful, try to control your stress, and participate in mind-body exercises like yoga and meditation.

Thyroid Gland

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Many people are not aware of this medical condition and if you’re always tired of trying simple tactics, you should visit your doctor for a check-up. The thyroid can be responsible for many health-related issues and excessive drooping fatigue is a big symptom.


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Feeling extremely sad will lead to feeling tired and restless, even after a 12-hour sleep. With such a negative mindset, it can backfire and leave you sleepless or make you wake up repeatedly. Depression is a serious matter, and if you or a loved one are suffering, please don’t hesitate to seek help.


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Suffering from anemia comes with the baggage of feeling dizzy, light headed, and extremely low energy levels. A single blood test will determine how bad you’re levels are, which then can be solved by simple home remedies. Eating beet juice and maintaining a healthy diet will raise your blood count.

Poor Diet

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Not eating enough calories and consuming high carb foods will only drown you. Food is meant to fuel your body, so it’s time to ditch the sugary donut that will only spike your blood sugar for the moment. Calm the 4-year-old in you and devour a wholesome snack full of protein and fibers instead.

WE SAID THIS: Better figure out the problem before you end up like this poor guy!