Who Doesn’t Need Wings? We all do!

The word “wings”bring to my mind different things whensaid.

Of course, it is associated with flying, so one could think ofbirds on trees or an airplaneflying abovethem. One could feel like theyhave wings when they’re so happy and over the moon or when they have accomplished something new. Thinking of wings as a boost to become happier, work harder and do more could be another interpretation. We all need wings one way or another and that’s why WIF by EE and Redbull decided to team up and give everyone an opportunity to have real wings.

We all know Redbull gives you wings and WIF is the only chicken wings place in town, so they obviously have a good plan for us, don’t you think?



If you take a creative picture of this sticker and post it on WIF by EE ‘s page on Facebook or on twitter using the hashtag #NeedsWings and mentioning both @WIFbyEE and @RedbullEG , there is an opportunity for you to win a month’s supply of WIF and Redbull.

Anything better than being fully stocked by wings for a whole month? Didn’t think so!

If your picture gets the most votes, you will be the Needs Wings winner. For you to win, I advise you to think of something that wouldn’t cross anyone’s mind or in other words: go insane!

To know all about Needs Wings competition and how to get this cool sticker, watch this: