The Smart Way To Start Your Own Business: How Not To Land A Job Interview

There’s one thing as an employee I never had to deal with: the interviewing process. I never fully grasped how big of a hassle it was until I myself was the one who had to interview people. It’s a difficult thing to do, but I went to the Interview Skills Clinic for some interviewer training and it really helped. I now understand a lot more about the whole process.

Like with any company that’s growing, the need for new employees arises and in a sea of unemployed civilians you’re always looking for that one person that sticks out and may just have what it takes to fill the spot.

One job announcement usually returns dozens upon dozens of CVs (may I add irrelevant), but for those of you out there who are applying for jobs and want to be recognized, HERE IS WHAT NOT TO DO:

  1. Off the bat, if your CV was sent with some weird nickname like “SHIKO AHMED” or “Ana Crazy Boy” it will immediately be discarded. Ask me why? I will automatically assume you’re still in preschool and you are not serious about the position. In the ABC’s of trying to get a job, the more professional you are, the more likely you will be recognized. Remember you are not the only person applying for the position, so your super cute nickname does not bode well for you.
  2. Do not send any employer a four page CV. Most employers and HR managers do not want to know about the time you went horseback riding and it improved your self awareness. What they do want to know is what previous job experiences you’ve had, how it may be beneficial for this current opening and move on. It’s not an essay and this case more definitely does not mean better. Keep it concise and to the point.
  3. Do not send your CV with nothing in the body of the email. That just makes you lazy and indifferent. That is the first impression you leave with the person. If you just write “find attached my CV” most likely your CV will go to the trashcan.
  4. If you’re applying for a job that needs visual references attach it with your CV. Do not make the employer look through your CV, think “Hey this person may be eligible” and then not find any references. They will have to take time out of their probably busy schedule to email you back for references, in which case you will probably answer back in two days, and by the time you’ve already lost your chance at the job.
  5. If the job is asking for marketing managers and you happen to have worked all your life as an electrician and have no experience or even training, DO NOT APPLY. Most likely the employer is looking for someone who has worked in the field, hence the title and requirements that were listed. Best case scenario: You look like you didn’t read the job description and probably just made a mistake. Into the trashcan. Worst case: You’re unqualified. Trashcan.
  6. Simply DO NOT LIE. Lying about your job experience and overselling yourself or your education may get you the job, but you’ll quickly be exposed once you are working in the establishment and can not meet your employers deadlines or expectations. Hello unemployment again!

We Said This: Follow these tips and you’ll have a healthier chance at actually landing the interview. Happy job hunting!