Where You Can Watch Bundesliga Football Videos

Germany’s major football league, which is at the top of professional football in Germany, has become a world phenomenon. It constitutes a dozen and a half teams where the league operates on the mechanism of relegation and promotion with the two. Bundesliga is the second division of professional football in Germany. 

Bundesliga is an important football league that fans do not want to miss, irrespective of whether they are German or not. When it comes to football, fans are divided by border but united by the spirit of the game. Thus, to help you enjoy Bundesliga to the fullest, we bring you information on platforms where you can watch the league. Meanwhile, you can check the latest news about Bundesliga on buaksib.

The official Bundesliga Youtube channel

On the official YouTube channel of Bundesliga, you get to watch the content from Bundesliga that you will not get anywhere else. Furthermore, since it is a YouTube channel, you can watch all the matches, highlights, and other content for free. All you need to do is subscribe to the official channel for regular updates. 


If you subscribe to one of the subscription plans of Disney Hotstar, you can live stream Bundesliga on this OTT platform. You can rest assured about the streaming quality, live scores, accuracy, commentary, and more on this amazing app. Moreover, you also get to watch dozens of other tournaments and sports shows on both the Hotstar app and website. 


This is a great sports website where you get major action from all corners of the sports world. You can live stream Bundesliga here, get live scores, updates, news on the tournament and players, their comments, transfer speculations, and not forget match fixtures and detailed stats. They provide coverage and articles on all the major events, tournaments and football, so you can always count on this website to satiate your appetite for all things football. 



Although it is mainly a cricket-centred mobile application, it will now stream all the Bundesliga matches for Asian fans. In a tweet, the Bundesliga Football Association declared their newly formed tie-up with this platform and making available all the Bundesliga matches for Indian people through this mobile application. It can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store and Apple Store. 


Finally, the ultimate place for football lovers in the United States is the broadcaster ESPN+ which will telecast over 300 matches of Bundesliga in two languages – Spanish and English. You can also watch some of the matches on their linear networks like ESPN2, ESPN, and ESPN Deportes. You can rest assured for watching the matches on ESPN+ as they are now in agreement that began from the 2020-21 season and will continue for several years now. 

Many people who do not know German professional football don’t understand the excitement around Bundesliga and call it hype. However, when the matches begin this year, anyone who watches football will undoubtedly have Bundesliga and its hold over us football lovers. Interested in football livescore? Here’s a good source of livescore data.

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