An Art for the Masses: Why Elissa’s Music is a Spectrum of Emotions

Living in the limelight as one of the highest-selling female Middle Eastern artists since 2005, Elissa is surely one good example of how passion begets purpose, followed by success. Her albums have always been a mirror for what she might be going through, or at least what she hopes she will experience, and that’s why it comes as no surprise that Elissa’s songs find its way to people’s hearts so fast. With millions of Arabs around the world finding it easy to connect and interact with her music, it is undoubtedly due to its authenticity, its realism, and how close it is to them.

So, here’s a rundown to some of the reasons why Elissa in particular kept her fanbase as solid as rock, expanding the horizons of modern music in the process.

Voice in sync with all spectrums of emotions

Many times we see celebrities boxed into certain criteria, such as under the label of either happy/sad-singing artists, even when they present a variety of song types. It’s just that their voice itself gives a sense for a certain mood, and no matter how different the lyrics are, it just sounds the same. But, Elissa’s voice is so flexible that it tunes in and matches every kind of mood there is to experience.

Bold songs having purpose

Blazing through each and every year with hit songs, Elissa, nevertheless, cares about her songs having a message in some kind of way, instead of choosing to just jump over a trend. Bringing the relevance of mental health, Elissa briefly but surely, tackled depression and struggles through her song “3aks el Shayfenha.” In it, she describes that, despite the fact a celebrity may be looked upon as spoiled, who has everything they can possibly need, this is never the case, because they have inner battles and emotional struggles just as much as anyone else.

Via Sabaq

Through another song entitled “Ila kol Elly Beyhebony,” she wasn’t afraid to show vulnerability and pain when she narrated her story of fighting breast cancer, reflecting a difficulty in exposing a personal experience, and sharing it with the world. Not to mention the charity songs she participates in, the last of them being “Ya 3am Salamtak,” made for a 57357 hospital campaign, adding an element of joy while drawing a smile on many of their faces.

Consistent yet innovative style of music

I bet you can tell from just the first jingles of a song, that it’s an organic track by Elissa. And despite that, she still manages to keep changing her skin, and introducing different kinds of music and lyrics, whilst still staying true to herself and preserving her persona and artistic identity. Elissa’s signature is certainly unique to just her, and no one else!

Music library encompasses all moods

Happy, sad, heading to a wedding, having a sunny disposition of life or feeling helpless, or otherwise (God forbid), you can find a song perfectly in sync with your mood in her massive music library. Elissa in a single album, can literally take you onto an emotional roller coaster. Some tunes leave you in a puddle of tears, others make you see the world with pink colored glasses, and others make you feel like wearing a gown and getting married as the song is playing! Though it can be a bumpy ride, experiencing everything and its contradiction all at once, it surely is fun and lovely. Also, it gives you a sense of unity, knowing you can relate to her songs at any given situation, happy as it may be or not!

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