What You Missed: Pepsi Black Launch Party Might Arguably Have Been the Event of the Year!

Mondays in the capital are boring, especially during winter where all the interesting events happen on the weekend. However, last week was definitely an exception with the Pepsi Black Launch Party taking place, changing everything we know about the Mondays.

The launch party took place at Maadi’s newest venue, Glass House. The event was to introduce the long-awaited two new flavors; Pepsi Black Raspberry, and Pepsi Black Lime! Each flavor had its advocates and people engaged in discussions on why their favorite flavor is better. Although I liked the new lime flavor, and it mixes great with cocktails, my favorite was definitely the sweet raspberry one!

The announced entertainment of the event was the renowned Marc Wahba, the very talented Azaar, and Egypt’s favorite musical trio Disco Misr! However, there were two surprises that shocked the entire guest list; the two leaders of the rising Egyptian rap scene, Marwan Pablo and Abyusif. The two superstars were also featured in Pepsi’s advertising campaign that introduced the two new flavors.

The two surprises warmed my heart as I’m a huge fan of both Pablo and Abyusif. However, not only fans of rap were entertained at the event. The amazing tunes of Wahba and Azaar made sure that house music fans were happy and content. Moreover, the huge fanbase of Disco Misr was living their best life with all the amazing dance music.

The event would, hands down, beat any other event that comes to my memory, on so many different levels. Not only for the music that catered to all tastes, but also for the two new flavors that were introduced to augment our options and please our taste buds.

The event was a success, with party-goers dancing the entire night away and taking Instagram-worthy pictures and stories behind the several installations that could be found throughout the venue. The event was attended by some of the most popular and influential celebrities and public figures like Injy El Mokaddem, Bushra, Engy Wegdan, Marwan Younes, Mariam El Khosht, Tamer Hashem, and Hossam El Husseiny!

The festive vibes that were all over the place combined with the amazing music, delish food, stunning cocktails, and happy people, all made the event one to remember!

WE SAID THIS: So, which is your favorite flavor, raspberry or lime? Let us know in the comments section!